Nothing sells products like a professionally shot product. Whether shot cleanly on a white background, a styled set with dramatic lighting, the product in its used environment, stunning product shots move products. Eye-catching photos of a product entices the viewer to desire the product.

One psychological trick is to have a model use the product in the shot-think about soda production shots. When people see someone use the product, it humanizes the purchase experience, and increases the chances of that person purchasing the product.

Professional Product Photography and Product Shots

What makes or breaks the sales of an item? The image you use to market your product. In order to maximize your sales, it’s vital that you’re using high-quality images that tell the story of your product and showcase its best features. We can help you with everything from production photography and product shots to product images and other marketing materials that will get your items flying off the shelves! Schedule a consultation today!

What is Product Photography

If you want to make your products stand out online, you’ll need product photography. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a professional-quality photograph is worth a thousand customers. From simple product shots to professional-looking photos of your stores, we have everything you need for high-quality photography. We can shoot on location or in our studio; choose between black and white or color; and change backgrounds to fit your brand’s style. Our images are guaranteed to wow shoppers; they’re some of our best work!

Production Shots Used for Variety of Purposes

Every business needs product images of their products in some capacity. A company’s image is largely defined by its product quality, but that’s only one thing people notice. Even if you have a top-of-the-line product or service, it won’t matter if potential customers can’t identify with your brand or understand what they’re buying into. This is where having professional production shots can help you not only stand out from your competition but also appeal to new audiences in ways that aren’t possible using standard photos or illustrations alone.

How we Help You

If you are interested in having professional product photography taken of your products, or any other kind of production photography, please give us a call at (704) 998.3711. We provide high quality image production services that can help make your products stand out from competitors. Your business will be in good hands with our team. We take into account each client’s needs to customize every shoot to fit their individual requests. When we start a new job, we begin by reviewing our clients’ past requirements to determine how they want their images shot. The goal is always to put together an order that captures each product well for any given client’s marketing purposes.

Product Images Makes All the Difference

Take a look at your favorite e-commerce sites—if you’re like most customers, you’ll notice that images are one of their first points of interaction. It’s not just about good looks; product photos provide vital information on things like sizing, features, materials, etc. Without high-quality images to draw in customer interest, even a well-designed site won’t convert sales.

The Photographic Difference

What do we focus on that our competitors are missing? Product photography is an art and a science, which requires careful attention to detail when it comes to lighting and framing. We take great care in planning out our shots to ensure that your product photos get as much attention as they deserve. The end result is crisp photos that showcase your products at their best!