Event Photography Gallery

Event Photography Gallery

Three Ways Photography Can Increase Attendance and Promote Your Event

Event photography helps to make sure people remember your event. By giving them something to remember it by! That’s where photography comes in, as the perfect way, to not only capture the moments of your event but also to promote it and get people to come back next year. Well-captured photography actually enhances memory for the guest of your event.

Here are a few ways that photography can help increase attendance and promote your event, and encourage grassroots engagement.

1. Taking Photos Makes People Feel Welcome

Good photographers help make everyone feel at ease. We make it a point to make people laugh and share stories because we’re trying to evoke certain emotions for our shots. Photos capture the finer moments of the event for you to reminisce about later, which turns into an amazing promotional tool. After the event, guests become ambassadors for you and next year’s event.
Our continual study of consumer behavior and psychology gives us an edge to make people feel appreciated and well-liked. We genuinely and actively listen and ask more questions than we give answers. It’s a not an unethical technique, but one that Napoleon Hill spoke of often. As a matter of fact, the subconscious is so intuitive and perceptive, that it can tell when someone isn’t sincere. The subconscious can also detect a person’s pore size changes.

2. Sharing Pictures is Easier than Sharing Words

If you want to encourage grassroots participation, social media engagement, and positive word of mouth, then show the people what they are missing, by not attending your event. Social media is an essential part of any business. It equates to attracting new attendees, volunteers, sponsorships, and sales leads. Having a photographer at your event helps to show people how much fun their peers had and entices their curiosity about future events.

3. Memories Not Forgotten

Creating a historical record of what took place during the event is something to benefit the organization for decades to come. It provides visual data, which can show how the event grew over time. We all love those photos of old, illustrating how things were “back then”. Nothing is sweeter than calling on memories long forgotten.

Event Photography Gallery

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