Randy Davis - Director

Photo of Randy Davis-photographer and videographer

Who Am I?

I grew up in Gastonia and had the best childhood. My family was creative, fun, and very loving. Our favorite pastime was watching movies. My father was a creative genius. He, along with my Uncle Joe, sparked my creative flame that would take me where I am today.

To me, life is about experience and doing what makes you happy. This is the reason why Episode 11 Production exists. I truly love creating visual stories for companies. I welcome challenges and being put into situation where I have to McGyver my way out of seemingly impossible obstacles. Just for fun I went back to school to obtain my Commercial Contractor’s License, so not only can I shoot your high-energy video, but I can build your office as well. It’s good to be curious.

My motto: Improvise, adapt, adjust, and overcome. I live by that motto and I bring it with me to every shoot.

It's What I Do


I'm a big picture guy and have an innate ability to construct stories that emotionally relates to audiences. Most companies need a team to come up with ideas; I just need a few minutes.


Today's audience has a short attention span and sophisticated expectations. This drives me to continually improve my skill set. I remain innovative through a constant study of my favorite Hollywood Directors.


The result is endless from a cinematographer's viewpoint. The image captured is a direct result of the type of camera used, lens selection, depth of field, focus, exposure, camera movement, lighting and light modification. A change in any of these elements will change the result of the footage.


Flying a drone is easy…after you’ve crashed four times. I’ve logged a few hundred hours of flight time and I learn something new each time I launch. Drone footage is not going away and having smooth, steady overhead footage is stunning. I've also learned NOT to fly even close to a construction crane.

It’s a Passion

Photo of Ruby Cotter Thompson Queen.Why is it so important? Let me tell you a story. When I was a child, my grandmother (we called her Mama-Ruby) told me that our time on earth was limited, but she didn’t tell me how long it was. As I got older and started to get involved in all sorts of school activities and extracurricular activities, she continued to remind me: Your time here is limited; don’t waste it. Your life has meaning she’d say. At some point, we began to understand what she meant. Do things that make you happy. Live your life for yourself first.

I spent most of my life going through the motions. In 2005, I decided to pursue what I loved-video production. That was the beginning of Episode 11 Productions. In six months of being in business, I was shooting for abc for the Extreme Home Makeover. Since then, I’ve shoot numerous TV shows, countless corporate videos, and I’ve been completely happy with my life.

If there is one piece of advice I can give to you… find your purpose and find your passion. Life isn’t just about making money, its about accomplishing things that truly mean something to you.

Funny You Should Ask


Just like Quentin Tarantino, I’m self-taught. I began with photography in the 90’s. After shooting 330+ weddings, and a greying head of hair, enough was enough. I made the transition into videography and began to shoot videos for the buyers of big-box stores, grocers, and drugstores.

From there, Episode 11 Productions was created and since that time, I’ve shot for MTV, five episodes of Intervention for A&E, It Takes a Church and countless corporate videos, ranging from advertising clips to safety videos. 


My father has always been my inspiration for creative expression. I grew up seeing this 6’2″ ex-Marine begin to soften as he would film with his 16mm camera, paint landscapes on canvas, carve intricate wooden figurines, and he even tailor my sister’s wedding dress.

My Uncle Joe was my inspiration for photography. We would look through photos he had taken and he would direct me to notice certain elements in the image. He was the teacher which introduced me to see the world with fresh eyes.

Little Known Facts
I was in the Air Force and lived in a co-ed dorm. I forgot my laundry on a Saturday evening. When I realized on Sunday morning that I have forgotten to move from the washer to the dryer, I quickly ran to the laundry room. My laundry was washed, dried, and nicely folded. For the next four years, I dropped my laundry off on Saturday and picked it up completely laundered on Sunday. (Ok, as an adult, I’m not proud)
I like to put grape juice on my ice cream, thanks to Uncle Joe.
My mother lived a fascinating life and I vow to produce a feature-length film about her story.
Favorite Movie Quotes

Heartbreak Ridge: Gunny Highway, “Improvise, adapt, and overcome”.

Return of the Living Dead, Part II: Zombie, “get that damn screwdriver out of my head”.

Home Improvement: Tim Allen, “you know what this needs? More Power!”.

History of the World Part I: Mel Brooks, “It’s good to be the king”.

Home Improvement: Tim Allen, “There’s two different types of pain. Pain and man pain”.


I’m a self-proclaimed cinemaholic. Everything about movies fascinates me. There are so many moving pieces and when it all comes together perfectly: it’s a masterpiece. One masterpiece is Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. This film along with many others has not only entertained me over the years, it’s also educated me and given me ideas about camera movements and camera angles.

I’m one of the only people-(male in his 50’s)-who can watch an blistering action film and a child’s 3D animated film: back-to-back. All movies have something to offer and I’m always up for a cup of coffee and a discussion at Chotchkie’s, or Flingers, either one is fine.


A man once said: “What we have done for ourselves-alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal”. I have a soft spot for kids; I always have. I currently volunteer my time, talents, and skills to my favorite charity-Camp Luck. Camp Luck is a heart-camp for kids and the work that’s being accomplished is valued so much by those kids.

Another area of helping kids is a new concept birthed by Mike Realon at Olympic High School. The vision is a website called: Career-Snapshots. The vision is to connect high school kids with employers in the area who have openings and apprenticeships. It’s an ongoing project and I’m happy to contribute a small part of the overall efforts.

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