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Why Knowledge of Psychology is Important

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A video production company in Charlotte, Morganton, Lenoir, and Hickory, NC. Covering Central and Western Carolina, we create business-to-business video content, 3D and 2D content, and stunning corporate photography. Our process is swift and efficient across the state, from the coast to the mountains. Why settle for the ordinary when you can achieve the extraordinary? Esteemed brands like MTV, Mike Rowe, and McDonald’s have chosen Episode 11 Productions for their content needs, demonstrating our dedication to exceptional customer service and high-quality productions. Our team is optimized to complete projects on schedule, while minimally disrupting your daily operations. We provide maximal production efficiency and an unparalleled edge.

In addition to the above, we’ve also filmed episodes of A&E’s Emmy-winning show Intervention, History Channel’s Dirty Old Cars, and MTV’s Unlocking the Truth. Our experience provides award-winning video production for Charlotte, Morganton, and Lenoir. The results are a marketing tool that drives engagement and attracts new customers.

Why Knowledge of Psychology is Important

Our video production company distinguishes itself by leveraging a deep understanding of psychology, to enhance our content creation process. Here are six key reasons why this knowledge sets us apart:

Audience Engagement

Understanding psychological principles allows us to create videos that resonate emotionally with viewers. Tapping into the audience’s desires, fears, and motivations, we craft compelling video and audio narratives that capture and maintain attention.

Effective Messaging

Knowledge of psychology helps us design messages that are not only persuasive, but also memorable. We use techniques such as storytelling, emotional appeals, and cognitive biases to ensure that our content leaves a lasting impact.

Behavioral Insights

By studying human behavior, we can predict and influence how audiences react to the content we create. This enables us to optimize videos for desired outcomes, whether it’s driving sales, increasing brand awareness, or fostering loyalty.

Enhanced Creativity

Psychological insights inspire innovative approaches to content creation. Understanding how the human mind perceives and processes information allows us to experiment with visual and auditory elements in unique and effective ways.

Targeted Strategies

Analyzing demographic data, we create content tailored to specific segments, ensuring it resonates deeply with the intended audience.

Incorporating psychological knowledge into our video production process ensures that our content is visually appealing and strategically crafted to influence and engage viewers on a deeper level. This unique approach to video content gives us a significant edge over competitors and helps us deliver exceptional results for our clients.

4K Cinematic Video Productions

A cinematic approach to capturing video content for the corporate world. The difference is the result.

Drone Video & Aerial Photography

Aerial video and photography were once only possible with a helicopter and a $10,000 budget. Not anymore.

3D Animation & 2D Photography

The perfect solution to illustrate hidden product benefits or when photography just isn’t enough.

Corporate Photography

We offer product and event photography for businesses. Let our eye for visual storytelling and attention to detail work for you.

Post Production Editing

Every video has to tell a story. The only way to tell a great story is to have a great editor and the option for some amazing custom music.

We Call Our Clients-Friends

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NC's Premiere Video Production Agency

Our mission is to provide superior production value, at a fair and honest price, and with crew members who treat you like a friend-Guaranteed.


Our marketing concepts and ideas are all part of our service to our clients. The results are a well developed, psychologically infused stories which ethically cause people to respond emotionally.


Using the latest in 3D software and Pixar's rendering engine, gives you 3-D animations, which allows you to showcase products before it comes off the production line.


In addition to providing the highest quality video footage, we also help to keep your costs down by only using the equipment and crew needed for your specific project. You will never see us standing around texting while you're paying the bill.


Our photographic strengths lie in the product/packaging, corporate, architectural, medical, food, and event photography space. Images, paired with knowledge of human behavior, allow our photographs to tell stories that move the viewer to action.

What Happens if You Fail to Emotionally Connect With Your Audience?

All About Emotion

If a brand isn’t emotionally connected with its audience, how can it hope to sell them anything? As video marketers, we always try to create the most beautiful work we can. But what is most important is understanding how you can use the right psychological techniques and emotional storytelling strategies in your brand’s message. It is absolutely critical that your brand has a memorable identity. Building the essential psychological connection with consumers makes them more likely to convert.

Moreover, your brand needs a consistent identity that resonates with your audience. This can be thought of as an emotional attachment or familiarity. The stronger your emotional brand attachment, the better your video conversion rates will be. So how do you connect emotionally with consumers? Using powerful storytelling to build relationships turns viewers into fans and customers into repeat clients.

Our Secret

Episode 11 Productions uses a combination of real-life storytelling, natural imagery, and emotion-provoking music, to create films. Telling compelling stories makes audiences feel something. Not only do we create films that people love, but we’re also very ethical with our work. Our commitment not only makes us an ethical choice for marketing departments but also for those companies who struggle to connect emotionally with viewers.

Meet Your Production Crew

Randy Davis
Owner • Director
Beth Davis
Owner • Post Production
Tony Davis, II
Sound Engineer • Music Production

Here's the Backstory

Randy spent several years creating videos for the buyers of every major big-box, grocer, and drug store. Beth’s experience in event planning for Fortune 100 companies, cultivated a detailed oriented mindset that would later prove to be instrumental. The two paths of experiences that started so long ago, met while volunteering for Hospice.

Both Randy and Beth teamed up to create end-of-life videos for the patients of Hospice and their families. Randy would shoot the footage and Beth would edit the videos into the family’s final film. The experience created a dedicated, ethical, and passionate team, who launched Episode 11 Studios in 2007, which became Episode 11 Productions in 2013.

Beth’s drive for attention to detail assisted her in becoming one of the few award-winning female editors, in a male-dominated industry. Combined with her love of books, Beth can tell a story better than most in the world of video production.

We are NOT your average video production company. Our difference is that we’ve been on major sound stages, and shot TV shows, documentaries, and feature films. We’ve seen the waste of resources and talent on sets. As stated previously, our production workflow is laser-focused. No more unnecessary personnel, unused equipment, and frivolous practices used to drive costs higher.

For those who work with Episode 11 Productions, we become your ambassadors. Without a doubt, we consider ourselves an extension of your marketing, and we always put people ahead of anything else.

The most important difference is the mere fact that we’re just more fun to work with.

Combine the training of the US Air Force, 30 years of shooting experience, and a lifelong student of Psychology and Human Behavior. Add an avid reader, detail-loving, and a female film editor. The result is Episode 11 Productions.

Throughout this site, you’ll read more about how we incorporate psychology into our productions. We know why every fast-food restaurant uses red in its branding. We know why men in power wear red and blue ties, depending on how they want you to feel about them. Our knowledge of Human Behavior, infused into your project gives you an ultimate edge.

In fact, our use of Psychology along with an unmatched storyteller gives you a weapon, which is hard to defeat. An avid reader knows how to weave a story and take the viewer on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, leading them to experience good feelings about your brand. You don’t get better than that.

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