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cinematic style

We create cinema-style projects with that polished, Hollywood look that captures the viewer and invokes the emotions.

Cinematic Shooting Explained

3D Animation

impossible = reality

We bring the once-coveted 3D animation within the reach of companies who need to showcase products in 3D space.

Corporations Increasing Use 3D


high-quality images

We combine a classic old-masters photographic style with psychology to scientifically engage the viewer.

Photography & science

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consumer behavior

We incorporate the latest consumer behavior research into each of our video production projects.

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We promise to:

• Investigate your needs
• Determine if we can help
• Offer current client referrals
• Encourage you to get more quotes
• Produce work within your budget
• Use plain language, no jargon
• Meet your team to plan a strategy
• Offer a storyboard for production
• Use our exclusive workflow
• Multipurpose files for any use
• Create shot list for shooting days
• Ensure your satisfaction

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Bald Eagle head facing left with American flag blurred in the background.

Agency Quality Without The Agency Egos

Episode 11 Productions is an award-winning digital media company, proudly owned by United States Air Force veteran, Randy Davis, and Charlotte business woman, Beth Sowell. As Co-owners and the Lead Director and Chief Editor, we choose to work with a small, talented and motivated crew, with a passion for excellence and a love for our clients. We have a balanced crew, personality-wise, and together we create some pretty remarkable 3D animations, corporate photography and business videos. (Learn what that means here).

We're a little different from your average Media Production company. You’ll never see us standing around texting, or trying to squeeze as many people as possible on our crew; we’re lean and laser-focused. Not only are we proud of our history, but also what brought us together to form this company. We're excited to bring our passion your marketing needs. We breathe life into every video project, every 3D visual effect and every photograph that we take. We include scientifically proven psychological cues to drive your prospects to action.

Experience a Different Kind of Video Agency and Production Company