3D and 2D Animation Services Charlotte, Morganton and Lenoir NC

Reasons for 3D Animation Services

The Importance of 3D and 2D Animation for Products

Digital animations are commonly used in Hollywood movies to give the viewer an idea of what the scene would look like if they were physically present. While this technology has been around for decades, it has only recently been applied to marketing products online. 3D product simulations have been proven to increase conversion rates by as much as 20%. Therefore, if you haven’t yet incorporated 3d animations into your marketing strategy, it’s time to make the switch!

To keep your costs low, we provide 3d services in each of our office locations: Charlotte, Morganton, and Lenoir. We accept most CAD program files of your mechanical design and create scenes using Autodesk Maya, which is the world’s most advanced 3d animation software, Used by Disney and Pixar, Maya makes it possible for you to have the same quality as seen on the silver screen. By the time lights, textures, and shading are added, the simulations of those hidden parts, are now the main focus of the animation.

A new area of animations, called Photogrammetry, is used on large construction sites to monitor progress. The process includes using numerous images captured from drones flying over the construction site, the process of photogrammetry overlays the 2d images and converts them into 3D space. This allows site supervisors and planners to gauge the process of the project.

How Do Simulations Work

Animated visuals have a way of capturing an audience in a way that static images and videos just can’t. Likewise, 3D simulations bring products to life, allowing customers to fully interact with your product and see how it functions in their own environments. With increasingly sophisticated technologies available for animating objects, today’s interactive animations are able to showcase products like never before. Above all, 2D and 3D animation allow buyers to be part of your product.

We create interactive animations through a process called photorealistic rendering; using Autodesk Maya, and rendering through Pixar’s Renderman. Designers are able to create lifelike renderings of specific objects or scenes as seen from multiple angles and then compile them into virtual realities that customers can experience from any perspective they wish.

What Are Simulations

Simulations take a complex product and simplify it down to a more easily understood form. A simulation typically includes a 3d animation demonstration that shows how easy it is to use and why it’s a must-have item for anyone. When people see how easy your product is to use, they’re more likely to buy into its benefits. No one likes complicated products, after all! Of course, simulations aren’t just about visual aids; you can turn 3d animations into virtual instructions via voice-over narration too.

Why 3D Animations

Instead of forcing Sales people to struggle through a presentation to try to demonstrate the benefits of a product. You could now walk a client through a manual simulation, making the presentation more convenient (and effective) through 3D animations. These visualizations are faster, smoother, and easier to understand than traditional demonstrations.

A corporation could advertise its product by demonstrating its hidden benefits through a series of high-quality animations that display what it can do in real-time. When these animations capture an audience’s attention, then they will be more inclined to purchase or use a particular product.

3D and 2D Animation Graphics


Sometimes the easiest way to show how something works is to show it off in 3D space, without people or hands in the way. This is excellent for machinery and parts.


Videos using characters, animated motion graphics, animated graphs and charts can be stand-alone or a part of your overall video project.

2D animation

We can create a number of animation styles, hand drawn, vector-style, typography videos, explainer videos and custom logo stingers.

3D Animation Videos

Motion Graphics Examples

2D Animation Examples

Customer Testimonials

``This looks fantastic. I've never seen the equipment look so good. This is exactly what we need to help us explain the operation of this machine. We've had a hard time describing exactly what's going on inside the metal and flame detectors, but this tells the entire story and we don't have to say a word``.

Scott Williamson

CAD Operator
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