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Unlike Other Production Companies

Map of video production office locations.Our video production agency has three offices in North Carolina, one in Charlotte, one in Morganton, and one in Lenoir. We also have satellite locations in Hickory, Asheville, and Statesville, NC. We’re just regular people who have a passion for creating, meet interesting people, and tell stories about fascinating businesses. Sit back, settle in, and get ready for a wild ride into the many stories of our beginnings and of our wonderful people.

Crew Member Trivia

To wet your appetite, allow me to share three short stories and you can guess which story is from which crew member.

Crew member 1): I always had a book in my hand. At night, I would read under my blanket in bed after lights out.
Crew member 2): My parent bought me and my sister a 110 film camera blister pack. When we get back to the car, I cried that my choice didn’t come with film but my sisters included film. She was nice enough to trade with me.
Crew member 3): I loved to pretend to play my guitar and sing “Lord Have Mercy on a Hard Working Man”, by Travis Tritt.

Oh, don’t worry, there’s lots more in each of the bios on the crew pages, including our favorite movie quotes.

We couldn’t be more transparent and the following pages will prove so. You see, while we were working on large productions, we noticed the inflated egos of the crew members, the massive amounts of waste and a work environment that only the thickest of skinned people could survive. We went the other way when we began in 2007 and once you work with us for the first time, you’ll know. We always put people above profits.

No one on our crew is above taping down light cords, mic up talent, or going to grab lunch. We’re a team…a true team. We truly believe in becoming an extension of our client’s marketing team.

Video • 3D • Photography

We specializes in high-quality, cinematic video production, 3d illustrations, and corporate/product photography. Our production team works closely with our clients to produce the best productions, at a price for any budget. We never let price stand in the way of helping our clients. We can always remove some aspects of the product to fit your budget. Using proven storytelling methods, we connect with message with your audience, to encourage brand trust.

As a result of our extensive planning process, less time is spent on location and fewer staff members are needed to produce your media production effectively and efficiently. We have experience working with big corporations like MTV, McDonalds, and Cisco Systems, however our true love is to help promote manufacturers, medical device companies, and industrial industries. We create your vision, or develop a total media campaign to be distributed across multiple platforms. Reach out for questions; we’d love to link up.

How It All Started

We started our video production agency as a small startup with absolutely no money, no equipment, and not a single business contact. We truly started with nothing but a vision. We’re extremely happy with our growth and our clients…many who are now friends. With our unique business model, we can create stunning projects for less than any other company. We even guarantee it.

With military experience, we have developed a process that only the United States Military could create. The same high quality is delivered without breaking the bank! Serving marketing, HR, sales, and safety departments, we excel at providing relevant content for your viewers that engage more people for your brand/cause. We even have a story about how we choose our company name.

The Name (Part 1)

Randy’s grandmother, whom was called “Mama Ruby” was in the latter part of her life and her memory was failing. He, in his late 20’s and single, moved in with her to help. He was the closest relative and gladly took any opportunity to help her.

As often happens, they settled into a schedule. At around six o’clock, Randy would come in from work, they would have dinner, get into their soft pants (comfy clothes), and start watching TV. At seven o’clock, Tim Allen’s “Home Improvement” would come on.

They both looked forward to the laughs from the show and enjoyed sharing that time together. Tim, in the show, would create a mess wherever he went, and she would laugh and say that Randy was similar.

Randy would take on a project, breaks things in the process of repair or completion, but in the end, all was well. This would prove to be significant in what would begin so ten years later.

The Name (Part 2)

Fast-forward to 2007. During our planning states of creating Episode 11 Productions, we began brainstorming about our company name. Beth wanted “episode” to be in the name to signify ongoing productions.

Randy was probably breaking something before fixing it, but as providence would have it, “Home Improvement” was on the TV. Tony Davis, II was in the room as well, and the 11th episode of was airing, which happens to be both Randy and Tony’s favorite episode.

It was in this instance that the Episode 11 Productions name was born. Our name has gone on to provide video production for some of the most trusted brands in the world and we’re thankful.

Meet Your Creative Media Team

Randy Davis
Director • Drone Pilot
Beth Davis
Post Production
Tony Davis, II
Sound Engineer • Composer

We Provide Service in These Areas


Adrienne Mauntel President, CampLUCK

``OMG! Tears of happy, happy joy at 5:30am! I absolutely love love love this video. It made me feel so proud of what we are doing here. Thank you for creating this, if for no other reason, to remind me of what all the hard work is really for! I can't tell you have much I adore this. Big hugs to you and Randy for bringing camp to life for all those who don't have the privilege of coming out there with us. THANK YOU!!``

Jude Williams Event Planner, Advance Auto Parts

``You guys were always in the right place at the right time. I didn't have to worry about anything``.

Jasmine Johnson Unlocking the Truth Producer, MTV

``I can't thank you enough for your help on Unlocking the Truth. The Show was a success and your efforts are part of the reason why``.

Dory Rogers Event Planner: Charlotte Business Journal

``You really captured the mood of the room, the attendees, and the Speaker. You make my job easier. Thank you for such great pics``.

Annette Carroll Marketing Director: tesa tape

``You guys are so easy to work with and the videos have been just wonderful``.

Dean Harris Director of Human Resources: FMC Corporation

``Your team is great to work with. You made the process easy. You're our kind of people``.

Meagan Burk Marketing Director: Earlex

``Thanks for all the hard work creating the 360˚ product shots. They look wonderful``.

Doug Allen Owner: American Burger Co.

``Our menus and restaurant signs look amazing. We're very proud``.

Carl Swanson Producer: GRBStudios

``We really appreciate your talents and all of your hard work``.
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