Video Production Services Questionnaire

Give as much information as possible

Thank you for reaching out to Episode 11 Productions, for your video project. We strive to provide you with a video production, which you’ll proudly post and share everywhere. We also strive to create a video product, which will help you achieve your organizational goals. This questionnaire will assist us to meet both of those intentions. (You may choose multiple answers if you hold down the “shift” key while selecting)



    3) Phone No.

    4) What purpose will the video serve?

    5) What is the length of the finished video?

    6) Describe your target audience (age, gender, education, income, etc.)

    7) What do action do you expect your audience to take after watching the video?

    8) Where will the video be posted or be seen?

    9) The video will be...

    10) Provide a description of content and any key messages which the video should communicate.

    11) Could you share a link to other videos that you've seen that like?

    12) What type of video will we be producing?

    13) Describe the overall tone of the video

    14) What talent will the video require?

    15) List the locations required for shooting?

    16) Will aerial footage be required? DuhNah

    17) What is your budget range?

    Additional Comments

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