Tony Davis, II - Sound Engineer

Music and Sound is Life

need a statement, Mr Davis

It's What I Do


I can spin a tale that makes your buyer the HERO of the story. It keeps your viewers watching.


Sometimes a video needs to moving parts to illustrate the point. I create custom motion graphics for videos to enhance interest.


Script writing is key to flesh out a good concept. Writing scripts for actors or voice over talent is very different than writing scripts for brochures. I make sure that your idea is written to be compelling and understood without being too stuffy and formal.


With most projects, I come along on set so that I can see everything we're filming and offer any input on segments that I feel might be missing something when I'm editing later. I also enjoy asking a few additional questions during interviews to bridge the story.

I need some personal story here about why you love music and sound.

Funny You Should Ask


My original college major was Architecture, because I wanted to be creative, but was told I couldn’t make a living with art. After realizing it really wasn’t what I thought it was, I changed to Business. My career didn’t begin until I discovered video editing. At that moment, I realize where I was supposed to be.


The creative process for me can sometimes start at the shoot or before while I’m writing a script, but sometimes it doesn’t hit me until I’m sitting in the editing bay.

Little Known Facts
There’s only one book that I have ever thought was better than the movie – Stir of Echoes.
I can make my own bread, face cream, clothing, buttermilk, bug spray, etc.
I have seen Pulp Fiction about 200 times.
Favorite Movie Quotes

I Love You Man: Peter Klaven, “Laters on the menjay.

Airplane: Johnny, “and Leon’s getting laaaaaarger”.

Anchorman: Will Ferrell, “Milk was a bad choice”.

Napoleon Dynamite: Jon Heder. “I like your sleeves, they’re real big”.

Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny: Jack Black, “A burrito supreme, and a chicken supreme, and cutlass supreme, SUPREME”. 


The book that really started my true passion for reading was James and the Giant Peach. But some of my favorites are Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and I have to say that Jodi Picoult’s books really open my eyes almost every time I read them.


There are a few things that I contribute my time and talents for. One is, sewing bereavement gowns for infants who are still born or die early using donated wedding dresses. The logic is that that dress was worn on a day full of love all around, what better fabric to use to put a loved infant to rest in?

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