Product Photography Services

Products Need Images

Industrial photos in lab.Product photography services are a key marketing tool for manufacturers, industrial products, and food shots. Consumers want to see what they are buying, and it’s difficult to make a decision as to whether or not to purchase. Part of our process is to develop an understanding of the industry and know how the product is used.  This helps to better prepare our photographers for the day/days of the shot. Food shots need clean backgrounds with at least some visible food in the shot so people can see what they are eating. Medical equipment requires images that show how the equipment works without being too graphic.

In the age of social media, people are more likely than ever to make a purchase based solely on what they see online. Professional product photography is the answer to getting your goods in front of as many potential customers as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual with a blog or a company trying to sell online; we have photographers on staff who will work with you every step of the way.

Manufacturing Shots

Manufacturing product shots are essential for creating product documentation, user manuals, catalogs, marketing materials, and online product listings. High-quality photographs showcase the products’ features, dimensions, textures, and other important details. Making it easy for potential customers to understand the product’s capabilities improves the likelihood of them making an informed purchasing decision about your products.

E-commerce will only continue to increase. Failing to supply quality photographs of your products to your online customers will have an extremely negative impact on your online sales. Creating visually appealing and informative online product listings helps paint an image of the potential customer enjoying your product.

It is a powerful visual tool that enhances communication, promotes products, and contributes to the overall success of manufacturing businesses.

Food Photography = Improvisation

Food photography requires the stylist to think of non-food ingredients to make the magic happen. Many believe that the juicy Turkey photo is the art of a skilled chef. This just isn’t true. The turkey used for photo shoots is raw. A nice shade of brown shoe polish applied over the skin is the key to that golden color. A bowl of cereal uses the freshest box of cereal so that it stays on top of the milk, right? No, not even close. Elmer’s glue is the key to a successful cereal bowl photograph. The examples are too many for this site.

Once you have your ice cream cone, made of mashed potatoes lit just perfectly, then it’s tweaking time in the editing bay. Photo editing is just the icing on the cake…or drywall joint compound. A small punch of contrast or saturation can make all the difference.


It’s been proven that professionally-shot photos increase sales. Take this opportunity to boost your company’s image and help you to move more product. Another tip to increase sells is to incorporate someone using the product. This increases will boost your sales by 30%.

Industrial Photos

Industrial companies often engage in large-scale projects such as construction, infrastructure development, or engineering processes. Photography allows documentation about the progress of these projects at various stages. These visual records serve as crucial documentation for reporting, analysis, and future reference. They can be used to track development, identify issues, and make informed decisions based on the visual evidence captured.

Industrial environments typically involve complex machinery, equipment, and potentially hazardous operations. Photography plays a vital role in promoting safety and ensuring compliance with regulations. Images are used to document safety procedures, proper equipment usage, and potential risks. They are also valuable in incident investigations, helping to identify causes, implement corrective measures, and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Product Shot Examples

Many years ago, it took a lot of moving parts to shoot product shots inside a studio. Today, technology has made this process easier, faster, and within reach of any organization. Our process works in our studio or at your location. We don’t wow you with our massive equipment setup, the wow you with results that are repeatable and budget-friendly.

For most products displayed on a website, our custom Lightbox setup is a perfect solution to give you very soft, wrap-around lighting, that screams BUY ME!

Location shooting is also a viable option for large items, which may be impractical to transport to our studio. Not to worry. We create a makeshift studio at your location. With a small footprint, we can capture what’s needed, without taking over your warehouse.

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