Video Editing in Charlotte, Morganton, and Lenoir

Why Use Our Editing Service

Episode 11 Productions’ provides video editing services in Charlotte, Morganton, and Lenoir, NC. Your video content is only as good as the editing and final touches our editing team puts on it. Our award-winning video editing services take your footage from average to amazing in no time! Our video editors have years of experience with the latest in video editing and color grading technology, and we can deliver high-quality results on any project, regardless of its size or scope. If you’re looking for the best in video editing services, look no further than Episode 11 Production! We can help with everything from basic cuts and trims to full-scale motion graphics design!

Post Production

Don’t let your video productions go to waste by missing out on color grading or poor editing techniques. Our award-winning video editing services will ensure that your projects are broadcast-ready for prime time. In addition, we provide advanced post-production services, like special effects and color correction to Charlotte, Morganton, and Lenoir. We can also add text and graphics to videos so that they remain on brand. When it comes to post-production in North Carolina, you don’t have to settle for anything less than exceptional.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Animation and motion graphics will instantly catch your audience’s attention, establish a tone for your brand, build credibility, and enhance your overall message. We are masters of both 2D and 3D animation. We use the same software package as the creators of Hollywood Blockbuster films. Our goal is to help you reach a wider audience by using creative visual mediums that break through the clutter.

It’s what we do best! You can view some of our work on this site. Whether it be an explainer video, commercial, or documentary, we have something for every client; big or small!

A Multisensory Experience


Our award-winning editor breathes life into each story through layers of footage, music, sound effects, and pace. We create atmosphere, tone, and invoke the right emotion for each part of the video production process. When executed correctly, the audience never looks away.


When the music must fit the video, our in-house music producer is your solution. Classically trained, and armed with the latest in audio production software, our composer has a vast array of capabilities to create any genre of musical style, including orchestra pieces.

coloR GRAding

High-end productions have an upscale look, by using color grading. Unlike color correcting, color grading adjust the footage to help to convey a certain emotion, through not only adjusting light and dark areas, but also the overall color, or tone of the image. 

Camera angles tell a story. It may seem unimportant, but I assure you it's not. Eye Candy is when creative angle, lens selections, focus, and depth of field, are used to clutch the viewer with stellar visuals.


Your finished video will be ready to play on any and all devices. We encode each video with the highest quality settings needed to play as clearly and as smoothly as possible on all screen sizes.


The magic of your story comes alive through the editing process. Words often fail us, but a visual narrative, along with music, and effects, and foley, breathes life into story and turns it into a brand.



``I can't thank you enough for your help on Unlocking the Truth. The Show was a success and your efforts are part of the reason why.``

Jasmine Johnson

Unlocking the Truth Producer, MTV
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