We Create Various Video Content Types

Types of Videos we Create

Our production team prides itself on producing a variety of video content types. We not only create the highest quality cinematic corporate videos but also foster an atmosphere of collaboration and building mutually beneficial relationships. We understand our client’s needs for trust and reliability. We are a resource that you can depend on.

You Dream it, We Create it

Explainer videos come in two different styles: cartoon and whiteboard. Each provides a snapshot of the product/service and moves the viewer to a call to action. Think of an explainer video like your elevator pitch…short, sweet, to the point, and a lot of fun.

Your explainer video is virtually boundless, creatively speaking. There aren’t many limits as to what you can do. From simple, low-cost graphical elements and animations to high-end characters with complex simulations. We create all tiers of illustrations and virtual scenes. Explanatory videos can interject a unique and fresh perspective to your message and allow the audience to connect with your brand – emotionally. After all, who doesn’t like cartoons and animations? I bet you had a favorite one when you were young.

Seven Basic Steps

• Script
• Discovery
• Voice-over Talent
• Character Choice
• Storyboard
• Production
• Polish and Deliver

Delivery Time

• Scriptwriting-2 Business Days
• Voice-over Production-1-2 Business Days
• Storyboarding-8 Business Days
• Animation-10 Business Days
• Revisions-2-3 Business Days

Perfect for very short presentations, Explainer Videos are effective and inexpensive.

Cartoon explainer video still of construction worker.

Example of Cartoon-Style Video

Person drawing man for a whiteboard explainer video.

Example of Whiteboard Explainer Video

Film Shorts

Corporate Films (Shorts) are a perfect way to weave stories surrounding products, which helps the viewer make emotional connections, reinforcing the Brand. We combine a scripted storyline, complete with Professional Actors and cinematic production techniques.

Shorts are the most powerful method of brand retention available today. This new production format is a process of using indirect selling techniques to convey your message. Think of Corporate films as a film short, complete with actors, script, and your product’s end user as the hero of the story. Let me explain:

Cameraman shooting naked and afraid.Most corporate films produced today show the features and benefits of a product or service. This doesn’t work and hasn’t in many years. Products must solve a problem. You must hit the “pain point” with your prospect immediately. Pharmaceutical companies have pain points in each of their ads. The process involves showing some discomfort in the beginning and then showing how the product is the answer to elevating the pain.

The film Shorts follow this formula, but not an ‘in your face’ like many failed ads. We create a storyline around the product, which the viewer can relate to in some way. Here’s an example of a recent storyline that we developed for a company selling paint removal products.

Story is King

The little girl is holding hands with a little boy. She paints her initials, a heart, and the young boy’s initials on the school painting rock. The camera cuts to a new scene where this girl sees her boy talking to another girl. On her way to class, she meets a new boy that she likes. The last scene is the little girl erasing the first boy’s initials from the painting rock and painting in the new boy’s initials.

Viewers instinctively envision themselves within the scene. It hits home to every person who has ever been in love, dumped, or been in love again…and deep in the subconscious, to every person who has some paint somewhere that this product can erase. This is why this format works so well. Coke uses it, Apple uses it, and Dawn dishwashing liquid. What does washing oil off little baby ducks have to do with washing your dishes? You can watch the video here: Dawn Dishwashing Commercial

Give us a call for more information or to schedule your Corporate Film.

Employee Profiles are ideal for those who have direct contact with customers: sales representatives, customer service representatives, repair technicians, and project managers. An organization’s strength lies with its people, and how clients interact with them will be used to evaluate the organization. By highlighting the staff in profile videos, the organization creates a lasting impression in the eyes of its customers, investors, and partners.

Young asian lady interviewing for a job.

These videos provide viewers with a glimpse of the individual’s story, strengths, personality, wit, and likability. This is a perfect way to showcase the unique qualities of each employee and how they fit into their job roles. Picture this scenario: you are a customer, and you’re browsing a website. Wouldn’t it be great to watch a short clip of the person you’ll be talking to on the phone? This is the power of profile videos; it provides comfort and familiarity through a digital connection.

It is natural for us to fill in the gaps when we know nothing about a person, but that could have an adverse effect on customer relationships. These profile videos offer a solution, as they give customers the opportunity to reach out to the key personnel on the website, watch the introduction video, and feel more at ease before making a call. Not only will staff members feel more valued, but the audience will also develop trust with them quickly, leading to increased productivity and sales.

Promotional videos are for products that fertilizer is to plants. Kick-start your new product initiatives or corporate event and connect with potential users on an instinctual level, through promotional video presentations.

The four “P’s” of Marketing – Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. We can certainly help with the promotion part of this equation. A promotional piece should do just that – promote. Not to be confused with infomercials or commercials, promotional clips give a 10,000-foot view of the product and help to generate talking points with your potential clients. It’s a perfect tool for those presale touch points. It also helps drive brand awareness and engagement.

Remember that ShamWow guy? He sold a lot of those things by showing the audience how it worked. He was quick, thorough, and concise. That’s how a promotional video should engage the audience. A recent study by REELSEO found that 73% of those surveyed, were more likely to buy a product and/or sign up for a service after watching a branded clip explaining the product.

Video Production StatisticsChanel gift bag on white background.

• Emails that include a link to a video lead to upwards of a 300% increase in click-through rates.

• 90% of website users state that viewing a video about a product is helpful in the decision-making process.

• 65% of corporate executives visit a vendor’s website before giving the green light for purchase.

• 50% of executives look for more information about a product or service, after watching a video.

• 64% of all online shoppers report a more likely inclination to purchase after watching an online video about the product.

• 73% of B2B organizations report positive results when using video marketing.

• 59% of executives, according to Forbes, would rather watch a video than read text. If you aren’t sure why, learn more about personality styles.DISC personality profile poster.

• 20%, or more increase in conversion rates, if a video is posted on the homepage of your company website.

Television commercial productions are still a viable option for gaining lots of marketing exposure, however, it’s a bit more complex than other options. There is a two-fold pricing structure for producing television commercials: production cost and air-time.

• Call your local cable provider’s ad-placement department. Someone will work with you on your ad and will then dispatch a camera operator, which will come out for 45 minutes, shove a microphone in your face and record what you say – this will be your commercial.

• Hire a media placement company is a one-stop solution, however, media placement companies act as a liaison between you and the cable provider. Chances are, you’ll get much of the same as the cable providers, but with a slightly higher cost.

• Choose a video production, I mean Episode 11 Productions to produce your commercial. By using a professional video production company, you are certain to get higher quality products over using your local cable provider. Your TV spot will be created with the same level of thought and planning as some of the major commercial spots you currently see on air. You can then go to your local cable provider and negotiate the best rate for your airtime.

Here are some thoughts before you commit to producing a television commercial.

Know your audience.

A concrete understanding of your target market is more paramount than ever. More advertising is being diverted from traditional television outlets to streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Red, and many others. It pays to know what demographic is watching, when, and most importantly – where they are watching.


Television ad campaigns are expensive. The commercial must air many times before you will see a return on your investment. The cost associated with airing commercials spans the largest gamut of any other advertising outlet. Placing an ad on Hulu – 1,000 impressions – cost about $50. Airing a commercial during prime time will run you around $125,000, and only increases from there. We can help you better distribute your commercial to maximize your marketing dollars.

If your market is Generation Z and Millennials, then social media is where you should focus most of your efforts. Social media outlets are more important that TV for these groups.

The video diet of today’s young people is no longer just a sandwich, it’s a full-service buffet, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and twice on Sunday. They just can’t get enough. How many times have you or someone that you know have to tell those 14–24-years old to put down their phones? It’s their world and it would be really smart if you were trying to sell to them if you were in it.

Gen Z’ers and Millennials use video content for entertainment, for staying connected with friends, and for stress relief.

Photo of phone screen showing social media icons.Those of school age are increasingly being required to do more outside of the home, and if these are your potential customers, it would be wise to plan your social media marketing plan around lots of laughter.

Everybody Uses Video

You now have the ability to broadcast your marketing message directly to your audience…24 hours a day…seven days a week…365 days per year. It’s very much like having your very own television station, where you control the content.

Several years ago, an individual would need to see your marketing message seven to nine times before action was taken on the part of the viewer. Today, that number is over 100, but with such a high number, how do you prevent ad fatigue?

Social media videos are a perfect solution. We can produce seven to ten short clips from just one day of shooting. You would then be prepared to post a different clip every two weeks. That’s almost a FULL YEAR of marketing and advertising for the cost of a one-day shoot.

It’s not enough to have the closest booth to the door any longer. There can be hundreds of other vendors who are competing for the same attendee’s attention, and some may have bigger, flashier booths, but we have a couple of tips.

Playing a looping trade show video has been proven to increase the success of trade show exhibits. It’s the quintessential tool for commanding the attention of the attendees, delivering your message, and leaving the viewer with questions.

Trade Show Goals

1: Get people to come to your booth. The magic doesn’t happen until someone steps in. That’s where we come in and I’ll discuss how we can help later.
2: Lead generation through badge swipes or business card exchanges.

You couldn’t have come to a better video production company for this request. One of our owners was once a Meeting Planner for a Fortune 500 company, planning over 100 events and trade shows per year. We have some inside knowledge that most do not, so let’s get started.

Trade show visitors have little time to spend with each vendor, so you have to get them in, exchange information and get them out. A well-planned trade show video will do the trick. The key to trade show videos is short and sweet.

Are you ready for the secret? Place extra thick padding under your booth’s carpet. Attendees often have tired feet and will stay in a place that’s comfortable. Remember, it’s all about alleviating the pain of our prospects. We have created a video that brought them into your booth. Now the feet are resting and they are looking for an excuse to stay for a while. This is your chance to do your thing.

Trade shows cost big money, but they can be excellent money generators with the right advanced planning. A video for your booth is NOT the place to skimp out. You need all the help you can get to bring those future customers to your booth. Get a big screen and good sound system and there’s no way your booth will be over-looked, even from the back of the hall.

Millions of dollars are spent settling OSHA lawsuits for large corporations every year. It’s much less expensive and troubling to create a safety video series now, than pay out for an employee injured on the job, later. Eliminate workplace accidents and injuries by reinforcing key safety requirements through safety video training for employees, vendors, and guests. The implementation of creating safety videos provides protection for, not only the employees but also the company.

As an employer, you are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment. It’s important to create the initial safety program and continue to focus your efforts on keeping those programs up-to-date and fresh in the minds of your employees.

When an accident happens at work, it’s too late to think about implementing video safety training. Organizations in this scenario are often looking for an attorney, not a video production company. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t wait until someone is seriously injured, or worse, killed.

Our experience producing company-specific safety videos for Fortune 100 companies is vast. Yes, we know all about PPE, confined spaces, lockout/tag out, and all the rest.

We work closely with your Safety Management team to ensure each area of concern is covered completely. People retain more when shown video examples of the right and wrong way to accomplish tasks. Our process makes it easy to fully understand the tasks, the risks involved, and the method by which the company expects the tasks to be carried out.

Safety procedures change and evolve, so we archive your footage so that you can update those changes easily, without having to reshoot the entire safety video. It saves you time and money and a lot of headaches.

Safety Videos Include:

Alcohol and Drug Usage
Asbestos Hazards
Blood-borne Pathogens
Confined Spaces
Chemical and Gas Hazards
Crane Operations
Electrical Hazards
Heat Stress
Personal Protection Equipment
Trenching and Shoring

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