Drone Videography/Photography Services in NC

Drone Photography and Videography

Aerial videography is still new, so it’s important to choose a drone video production company that has experience working with these cameras. Most companies have yet to learn how to effectively capture images and videos from a drone camera.

According to The Drone Zone, a company that specialises in drone videos, aerial videography is still very much in its infancy. There are tons of emerging techniques, innovative ideas being explored on new production equipment, and regulations surrounding commercial use of drones [that] will no doubt continue to rapidly evolve in years to come. Because drone video technology is still developing, it’s important to choose a professional aerial video production company to ensure that your footage is captured correctly.

Fantastic Results

So many people are turning to aerial footage. Drone videography is a great way to capture unique shots that you would have never been able to get otherwise. We can help you accomplish just about any aerial videography project: All of our projects are created using a professional grade drone with a 4K Ultra HD camera. The footage is edited in-house before being delivered to you. With us on board, you won’t need to think twice about whether or not we can get your job done correctly. In addition, all of our employees go through rigorous training before receiving a license from federal authorities so you know everything will be done correctly as well.

Experience is Key

When it comes to drone videography and drone photography, we have been doing it for over 8 years now. Over that time we have gained plenty of experience about what makes aerial footage amazing, what different techniques work best when flying a drone, and more importantly how to get great results with our clients every time. If you need high quality Drone Photography or Drone Videography then look no further!

Insured and Licensed

UAV pilots must hold a Remote Pilot Airman Certificate with a small UAS rating, or be under the direct supervision of someone who does. In addition to liability insurance, we also have additional coverage that covers our drones in case of crash, damage to property, and loss of production. Our extensive training enables us to capture stunning aerial video with ease and precision. We offer video production services in all across the United States, and abroad.

Drone Service Areas


Add impact to your corporate video with aerial footage of your building, products or plant tour.

construction video

Manage or show off your construction project with aerial photography or video.

Real Estate video

Display your property from all angles with aerial photos or video footage.


Drone video for corporate businesses was once extremely expensive, but no more. Armed with a high-quality drone, and FAA License, and a drive to capture eye candy, a pilot can boost your image upward.

Architectural and General Contractors can now keep accurate progress data when drones document the process. Drones optimize grading plans, operations, safety practices and more.

Drone photography and videos take an average piece of property and make it look stunning. Not only do we showcase the property, but the surrounding areas of interest as well. Reduce your sell time with drone footage.

Statements From Our Clients

``You guys were always in the right place at the right time. I didn't have to worry about anything.

Jude Williams

Event Planner, Advance Auto Parts
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