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Evoke Pure Emotion

After carefully creating your multimedia project, you want to be sure that your audience really feels what you’re trying to convey. To take it to the next level, and you decide to purchase custom music from one of the thousands of talented composers online, but with so many options out there, it can be hard to decide who’s right for your project! Look no further, we have a classically trained composer at your disposal. Educated at the 2nd best music school in the country, our composer creates effective sound beds.

Why Sound Design

It’s no secret that sound design is essential in making an impactful video. The right music, along with other audio effects can turn your regular video into something truly unique and special. But what is it exactly? And how do you use it properly? Let’s get started. What Is Sound Design?: It helps craft a mood or atmosphere for a film or show and allows viewers to immerse themselves into it.

By creating a specific setting and scenario with appropriate sounds, you allow people watching to envision their own picture of events as they watch on screen. This is called suspension of disbelief; so long as your audience believes they are seeing actual events unfold before them, they will be more invested in what happens next.

The Importance of Mood and Feel

So why is music so important? As you can see from our expertise page, we focus on music beds, sound design and more. Well, it’s because your viewers are human; they aren’t only using their eyes but also their ears when watching a video. How do you want them to feel? What are you trying to convey? A good bed of custom music that fits your project will really help set an emotional tone for what you have in mind.

So as you’re creating your storyboard or script, think about what mood or feeling you want your video to convey. Don’t just rely on your words; use music and sound design too. How will it complement your visuals? How do you want viewers to feel when they watch it?

Why a Music Bed

Creating a scene is hard enough when you’re going in blind; throw in custom music and you have a whole new set of parameters to consider. Luckily, we’ve had tons of experience putting music beds together for our clients. In today’s post, we break down everything there is to know about custom music beds so that your next project can sound as professional as possible.

When looking for custom music beds for your next project, it’s important to consider what you’re aiming for and what mood you want viewers to be in. For example, if you have a documentary that’s meant to be sad or gloomy, you might not want songs with a ton of brass or instrumentation that makes people feel uplifted.

Additionally, there are different kinds of music beds. Do you want something that works for a montage? Are you looking for more of a general atmosphere bed? What style of music do you want your viewers to hear? These are all important questions that can affect your selection process.

Audio Production Services

musical score

It’s frustrating when the music used for your video is recognized from that of another video. Sometimes, this isn’t an issue, but for higher-end productions: custom music is essential. It’s more affordable than you think.

Sound design

This process immerses the viewer into a total immersed experience. Not only is the action on the screen seen, but also heard. This doesn’t happen organically and must be recorded separately.


Combining multi-tracks of sound assets is no small task. The music, foley, sound design and on-set recordings must all be mixed into a unified experience for those watching-and listening.

Customer Testimonials

``OMG! Tears of happy, happy joy at 5:30am! I absolutely love love love this video. It made me feel so proud of what we are doing here. Thank you for creating this, if for no other reason, to remind me of what all the hard work is really for! I can't tell you have much I adore this. Big hugs to you and Randy for bringing camp to life for all those who don't have the privilege of coming out there with us. THANK YOU!!``

Adrienne Mauntel

President, CampLUCK
``You really captured the mood of the room, the attendees, and the Speaker. You make my job easier. Thank you for such great pics.``

Dory Rogers

Event Planner: Charlotte Business Journal
``You guys are so easy to work with and the videos have been just wonderful``

Annette Carroll

Marketing Director: tesa tape
``You guys were always in the right place at the right time. I didn't have to worry about anything``

Jude Williams

Event Planner: Advanced Auto Parts
``Your team is great to work with. You made the process easy. You're our kind of people``

Dean Harris

Director of Human Resources: FMC Corporation
``Thanks for all the hard work creating the 360˚ product shots. They look wonderful``

Meagan Burk

Marketing Director: Earlex
``Our menus and restaurant signs look amazing. We're very proud``

Doug Allen

Owner: American Burger Co.
``We really appreciate your talents and all of your hard work``

Carl Swanson

Producer: GRBStudios
``I can't thank you enough for your help on Unlocking the Truth. The Show was a success and your efforts are part of the reason why.``

Jasmine Johnson

Unlocking the Truth Producer, MTV
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