3D Software Package

What 3D Software is Used?

3D elements are used in every Hollywood feature films in theaters today. With such a high demand for 3D, software packages have gotten more intelligent and less expensive (if you consider $4,000 “less expensive”).

There are many great software packages available to create 3D files, but we choose to use Maya for a host of reasons. The main reason is that it’s the most robust package available. Below is a list of the films that have used Maya. After a quick glance, you’ll understand why we choose the best for our clients.


Don’t be scared off by this list. Our artists are here to help make your production a success, not here to break the bank. Our prices are more than fair and we’d rather use some of those cool 3D titles in your production, just like Zombie Land, than to send you off with something that you could have gotten at another production company. We want you to stand out, not fade into the mass of other online videos.

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