What is an Auteur and Why Should I Care?

An Auteur, in its theoretical definition, is the personal, creative vision of the film’s Director. This also applies to Documentaries and Corporate Video Productions as well. The reason that it’s considered theory is that it’s often difficult for the Director to have his/her creative freedom 100% of the time. As the creative video agency becomes smaller, the Auteur transforms from theory to reality, but how and why is that important?

You have no doubt looked at lots of company websites, maneuvering through a sea of pages, trying to find some video samples which fit your organization’s product, style, and perhaps culture. Herein lies the problem. For larger production firms, it’s difficult to tell who made the overall decisions; who shoot the video footage, who managed the film’s editing, and who recorded the sound. For smaller creative firms, you have the privilege of knowing exactly who are performing those tasks.

We have taken the Auteur theory one step further, in that our videos aren’t the result of one person’s vision, but a collaboration of the cinematographer, the editor, and our client. No one knows how to emotionally invoke the emotions through images like our camera department. Furthermore, no one knows how to combine that footage with motion graphics, sound effects, music, and movement to draw the viewer in like our editing department. Lastly, no one knows your business better than you, so together we create a unique Auteur’s vision.

You reap the benefits of knowing the style of your footage, of knowing the techniques that will be used in the editing bay, and of knowing that the quality of the production will mirror those already on site. Moreover, you reap the benefits of working with a small creative team with a variety of experience, from small corporate firms to national television shows.