You might not think of 3D animations as an important part of your product demos, but if you want to stand out from your competitors, you should strongly consider getting more creative. The days when consumers were impressed with 3D-looking illustrations are gone; nowadays, your audience expects to see high-quality computer graphics that can actually give them a sense of the product and how it will work in their own lives. If you’re wondering how you can deliver this kind of experience to your audience, here are some ideas about how to get started with 3D animations for product demos .

Animated product demos are becoming more prevalent

A recent report by TechCrunch shows that more and more manufacturers are turning to CGI animation to produce high-quality product demos. This isn’t unsurprising given advances in technology over recent years. With better render speeds, animators can now create realistic and impressive animations much faster than before. Another benefit of using CGI is that it’s often cheaper and faster than filming a real video, which means that companies don’t have to go through a lengthy post-production process if they want to update their animations with new features or services. As well as being great marketing tools, animated product demos helps the viewer to get a clear understanding of how products work.

Animated product demos make products more marketable

Companies are increasingly using animation to create high-quality product demos that allow them to market their products in a new way. For manufacturers who want to reach new customers and keep existing ones happy, creating animated product demos with 3D visuals is one way to give them what they want. With animations, businesses can: Showcase their range of products effectively: No one wants to be forced into buying something they don’t want or need. When showcasing multiple products at once, static images don’t always convey what a customer might be looking for in an actual product.

What makes a good animated product demo?

Whether you’re an expert in manufacturing, marketing, or engineering, you know how important it is to show others what you can do. An animated video of your product demonstrates its capabilities better than anything else—and is a huge timesaver if your audience doesn’t understand all of those technical terms. We use the same 3D software package and rendering software used by Pixar Animation, which gives you the utmost in 3D animation clips. If you haven’t started thinking about an animated video yet, now’s a good time!

Why aren’t most manufacturers using them?

The most common answer to that question is simple: unknown cost. If you’re a manufacturer looking to create animation-quality product demonstrations, chances are that you aren’t aware how much is required to invest into the animation. As we’ve already stated earlier, often times the cost to product a product animation is less than producing a video of the same length.

It’s also true that not all product manufacturers need a 3D animation video. Unless your products are made of complex moving parts or sell themselves by way of performance improvement (like an electric car), a flashy, in-depth product demo probably won’t help boost sales all that much. However, for those products which have hidden features, which are crucial to the operation of the product, then a 3D animation product video is a perfect solution.

We’re Here to Communicate Benefits of Your New Product

A PIXAR quality product demo can help your prospects understand exactly how your new product will solve their problems and dramatically improve their lives. It won’t cost you as much as traditional TV ads or billboards. These days, many companies are cutting back on advertising expenses because they recognize that brand loyalty is most often built through online reviews, blogs and other popular sources of information rather than by spending millions on expensive commercials. But we help you stay in front of your customers, so that they are always aware of your new product line.

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