Before beginning, I’d like to offer our founder’s IMDB page (IMDB-Award Winning). Now this isn’t the most impressive IMDB page, however, it’s enough to show you that the following information is accurate and it warrants further reading.

Hollywood is almost completely dead. The number one film hub in the world is now Atlanta, GA. The reason for this shift is because Hollywood has inflated the cost of creating good content long enough. I have a friend who is in Hollywood, his father was a prominent actor there and starred in a very popular sitcom in the 80’s, about a family, living in the projects of Chicago. This friend of mine can’t get work, even though he is an amazingly creative person, and his dad is still in the business.

It doesn’t take the resources that video companies want you to believe to have a successful production. Episode 11 Productions will put up a three-person crew up against any production with a 10 person crew.

When Episode 11 Productions showed up for a film festival, in a popular film-city, for the showcase of our newly released film, we were asked, “how many people were in your crew”? They couldn’t believe that we produced an award-winning documentary with only two people (with the exception of the occasional single extra sound person).

What does this say about the Video Production industry? It says that you’re getting’ screwed and you’re being taken advantage of because the process has been inflated for so many years. Marketing Executives are given an annual budget, so think of how they could be even more successful when several video projects can be purchased for the same amount as one or two…with the same quality.

We, at Episode 11 Productions, believe that it’s unethical to take advantage of companies, just to make more profit, without delivering equal benefits. We have even been called in to fix or re-edit, after other video production companies have finished a project, charged an exorbitant amount of money, and left the client with a project that didn’t work.

If you hire a production crew, who show up with one camera and pulls out a clapper board-fire, them immediately. The clapper was used in the days of old, where sound and video were captured separately. It was used to sync the sound and video together. There isn’t one video camera today that doesn’t have at least one audio input, which can be captured at the same time as the video. Either the production company doesn’t know what they’re doing, or they’re trying to justify their price by making it look like a bigger production than it is. In either case, run.

You know you’re responsible for your budget. Going over budget without receiving equal amounts of content-you’ll have to answer for that. Most video production companies are taking advantage of you. We promise you, we’ll provide the quality you deserve, at a lower price than other production companies, who spend most of their time standing around playing on their phones.

Again, you’re responsible for your budget, get the most bang for your buck. Don’t make a career mistake on a bigger production company. Our samples speak volumes, take a look and then let’s talk.