Camp LUCK is a non-profit organization which provides year-round support for families who are struggling with a child who has heart disease. The founder is someone whom has experienced first-hand, what it’s like to be challenged with a disease of their child. I can’t imagine the strength it takes to go through this experience, so I encourage anyone who has some extra money, which may be spent on coffee, or a garment of clothing, both of which isn’t NEEDED, to consider donating that to Camp Luck.

Your donation helps to send a heart child to camp, without an expense to their family. This is huge. and once you see the face of the child, or the streaming tears of the family, you’ll understand. Remember this quote and live your life by it: “What we do for ourselves alone, dies with us. What we do for others is immortal and lives forever”.

Camp Luck, isn’t like some of the large “non-profits”, where .20 per dollar goes to the cause. Camp Luck is a true non-profit. The entire organization is committed to helping children with heart defects. If Episode 11 Productions can donate $18,000 per year to Camp Luck, you can certainly donate a couple hundred bucks for a child to go to camp!?