Steps to Create Viral Videos

Everyone has watched a video, or videos which have gone viral. By viral, we mean that the video has attracted a large number of viewers in a short amount of time. People will often share viral videos through social media outlets, which cause more and more to people watch the video. With each ‘share’, the number of eyes on the video increases exponentially.

Today, everybody wants to create viral videos, but there isn’t a sure-fire method of creating a video that will go viral. Although there are different qualifications as to what constitutes a viral video, most will agree on several million views within a seven-day period. Video producers can’t control how the viewer will receive a video clip, but there are steps to take that will ensure better odds of it going viral.

Let’s assume that you are creating a video. You want to video to indirectly promote a product or service; in our case, let’s agree on dog adoption. So, the goal is to try to create a video about dog adoption, which has the potential of going viral, thereby increasing the number of dogs, which are adopted. Creating a video for this job would be easier than, let’s say the world’s best frying pan. Both have risks, but topics which carry an emotional connection typically have a better chance of obtaining that viral status.


1. Create a great story, which evokes an emotional reaction.
This is by far the most important aspect of the viral video creation and is typically created by the video production company which was contracted.

2. Make the video short and to the point, with a length of around: 30 seconds.
The length may be longer, just ensure the content requires it because humans have very short attention span…less than eight-seconds.

3. Develop a plan for simultaneous video deployment.
The potential for a video going viral is determined by how quickly it catches on and begins to spread. Plan to blast it to numerous social media locations all at once. The deployment saturation will help give it the boost that it needs.

4. Ask for help.
Make use of your personal network and ask friends, colleagues, and family for feedback on your video. By receiving comments, chances are that the post will be pushed back up to the top of the feed. Following these instructions can help better prepare you to launch your next video into viral video status, but I will remind you that the first step is crucial. An advertising agency isn’t needed to come up with the story, but it should be well thought out, so spend most of your time developing the perfect story.

Remember the video which showed cell phones positioned around kernels of popcorn? Each of the phones began to ring and the popcorn kernels popped. Ring any bells? This viral video was created by a Bluetooth headset company and struck fear into the viewers about the “perceived” dangers of placing cell phones next to the head.

Now, we aren’t saying to evoke fear, but rather happy, funny, moving, and nostalgia all work well; plus, you can lay your head down at night with a clear conscience. Using humor is one of our favorite methods of creating viral videos. If used correctly, your product or service, or in our case-the dog adoption-can get the exposure needed to help you reach your goal.