Your Average Video Production Agency

Video production is an ever-evolving industry, and our video production company is…average. That’s right, I said it-we’re average in the industry. There are thousands of other media communications agencies, which can deliver the same quality or better than we can. Why the blatant honesty you say? Because it’s the truth. Let me ask you; why did the film Paranormal Activity gross as much as some blockbuster hits, when it cost only $15,000 to create? It’s because the production company understood more about people than Hollywood, who reuses the same storyline, over and over.

The Difference

We understand the importance of consumer behavior and persuasive psychology, and use these elements to create unique and captivating videos, 3d animations and product photography. Our commitment to staying up to date on the latest trends and technologies puts us in a position to provide exceptional results for our clients. In this blog post, we will explain how our video production company sets itself apart with an understanding of consumer behavior.

Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is the study of how people interact with products, services, and organizations. It looks at their decisions, motivations, and emotions in order to understand why they purchase certain items or services. When it comes to video production, consumer behavior has a huge impact on the end result. By understanding consumer behavior, we create videos that are more likely to resonate with viewers and engage them. This type of knowledge is also be used when creating 3D animations or product photography. It’s how we ensure our media communications align with consumer preferences.

Persuasive Psychology

We live in a world where marketing and advertising are constantly vying for our attention, trying to persuade us to buy their products and services. But have you ever wondered what lies behind the science of persuasion? How can we use psychology to influence consumer behavior? We implement the strategies and techniques used by the world’s top marketers to influence customer behavior. Integrated into each of our productions for clients are the subconscious triggers that lead to purchase decisions to tapping into the power of emotions and building relationships with customers.


When creating content with consumer behavior in mind, video production companies are able to create videos that feel more personal and engaging for their audiences. By understanding the needs and desires of their target audience, the right content is created which is more impactful and tailored to the audience’s specific needs. The use of consumer behavior and persuasive psychology also helps video production companies create videos that lead to action. This is especially useful when creating promotional videos or content meant to inform viewers about a product or service. By understanding how people think, video production companies can craft messages that will encourage viewers to take action, such as purchasing a product or subscribing to a service.


So what sets us apart from other production companies? It isn’t our gear or our technique: it’s our understanding and use of science integrated with the “correct” eye-catching footage, along with the “correct” scripted messaging, and the “correct” process of editing. There’s a reason why larger studios asks us to use our studio and our people. The absolute most important thing that sets us apart if our people. You aren’t going to meet more down to earth, non-ego driven people in the industry.