History Channel's Dirty Old Cars

After little Elden watched Dirty Old Cars, he decided to clean up his dirty old four-wheeler using Jamie Buchanan’s method of cutting through the dirt and grim and bringing back the luster of cars, long forgotten.

Elden and his sister-Neecey we’re doing some work around their farm on a chilly Saturday when the four-wheeler being driven was covered in mud and cow manure. While the parents-Jennifer and Kaleb were feeding the goats, they hear the startup of the pressure washer.

Rushing out to investigate the noise, they find little Elden washing on the mud from his farm vehicle. They learn that Elden is mimicking Jamie Buchanan for the show, by pressure washing the exterior.

Sit back and watch this little guy do the “eh eh eh, squeaky clean”, that Jamie says on the first episode. It’s ADORABLE!!!