Video Production Samples

Video Production Video Samples

  • 3D Animation: Consumer Product

    3D Animation: Consumer Product

    Hangeroo manufacturers a product which makes picture hanging easy. We decided that 3d animation was the easiest way to illustrate...

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  • 3D Animation: NMDumpsters

    3D Animation: NMDumpsters

    NMDumpsters had a new product, which was going to be pitched to several large waste-management companies but didn't have the...

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  • Non-Profit Video: Mini Doc

    Non-Profit Video: Mini Doc

    We had the pleasure of partnering with Lumiere Ministries to create this mini-documentary to help them gain volunteers and donated...

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  • Promo Video: Doors and Windows

    Promo Video: Doors and Windows

    tesa Tape is the world's leading provider of industrial tapes. To help illustrate the effective uses of a newly designed...

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  • Promo: Automotive Tape

    Promo: Automotive Tape

    Some projects may require several different types of media to tell the story. tesa provides tape to the automobile industry,...

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  • Event Video: Corporate Trade Show

    Event Video: Corporate Trade Show

    Showing people having fun and networking is a perfect way to generate interest for future corporate events. Interworking Engineering's annual event...

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