Video Production Price List


By now, you know the importance of video, however, it what you may not know is that it doesn’t have to cost half of your annual budget. By including some of the ‘lean manufacturing’ methodologies, we have removed the waste, typically present during most production projects, but that’s not all. Episode 11 Productions will never let a reasonable budget stand in the way of creating multimedia messages for our clients. Each of our projects begins with a custom-created estimate, where we evaluate the company's budget, design a plan which fits the budget, and effectively communicate the organization's message. We aren't the least expensive production company in Charlotte, but we'll work with you to create the very best production value available.

Our pricing is much like classy a restaurant menu-everything is á la carte. Because each video production project is custom created and many factors go into producing a video for businesses, it can be difficult to accurately display an exact price list. Chances are you aren't going to find an exact fit in one of the three boxes below, so give us a call and we'll provide a written, custom estimate with our "Price Lock" guarantee.

The section below lists the average cost of three of our most popular video project types:

• The Interview, or Talking Head Video
• A Website Video, or Online Video
• The Long Form Video (Safety and Training Videos

Once we provide you with our price lock guarantee estimate, it will never increase, unless the scope of the project changes during production, or during the editing phase of the project. Put your mind at ease, knowing that the there will never be unexpected or hidden cost of your video production project, with our price lock guarantee.

Padlock photograph with price lock guarantee.

Premium Production Pkg.

From 8099.50

Full-Day Filming
4K Production Camera Package
Lighting Kit
Site Survey
Choice of Voice Over Talent or Actor
Premium Editing Suite
Custom Motion Graphics
Camera Dolly and Tripod
Camera Crane

Advanced Production Pkg.

From 4499

Full-Day Filming
4K Production Camera Package
Lighting Kit
Choice of Voice Over Talent or Actor
Advanced Editing Suite
Custom Motion Graphics
Camera Dolly and Tripod

Basic Production Pkg.

From 999

1 Half-Day Filming
4K Production Camera Package
Lighting Kit
Standard Vide Editing
Custom Motion Graphics

Figuring Production Cost

We’re often asked, “how much does a video cost?” There’s no easy answer, because buying a video is a lot like buying a house. You can buy a no-frills tiny house on wheels with a small budget of $900, or you can buy a 10,000-sq. ft. mansion in a gated-community with a pool and guest house for much more. It’s really all about what you need.

As an example, we’ll use the standard 2-minute video. Here’s a comparison:

Project 1:

One half-day shoot, in one location with one camera.
No actors were hired.
Professional Voiceover Artist was hired to voice the client’s script.
Basic editing, with music and limited motion graphic text.

TOTAL COST: $1,600

 Project 2:

Three full days of filming at four different locations.
Four actors hired, along with a makeup artist and wardrobe designer.
Three cameras were used at each location, along with full lighting and sound.
The post-production involved hours of special effects to animate a talking, dancing lobster during one scene.

TOTAL COST: $46,000

Of course, some folks bypass sites without any pricing listed, so here’s a ballpark area for those people, (but keep in mind that your project might be less or more). What we REALLY would like to do is ask you a few questions, via email, text, phone call, snail mail, telegraph or smoke signals. It really doesn’t take long and we promise that we’re nice people who are actually kind of fun to talk to. Custom quotes are always best and much more accurate to what you need!

Since, it’s confusing for clients who don’t understand why the ballpark rates aren’t for everyone, we thought we would offer a basic explanation.


Clients tend to be a little confused about why we start our pricing at a half day and don’t have an “hourly rate”. While you may only need us to shoot for an hour, you have to understand that there is time before and after that in which are already working on your video during travel to and from, setting up equipment, backgrounds, audio, etc. So basically, there is no shoot that ever only takes an hour, unfortunately.

Because of that, we, and most video production companies, charge by the half-day and full day rates. I’ll try to explain what is involved with most shoots so that you can understand why we do this. If you look at this break-down and you know that your project is much less “involved” than this, maybe you should check out our, “Quick & Inexpensive Program”


This is the stage that happens after you decide that you really want to work with us (and we’re sure that you will). We will either meet in person or have a conference call to go over the project goals. It’s basically a conversation about what should happen during the video, and the style of editing you want.


You won’t see much of this process, because it’s mostly behind-the-scenes, but we’re busy getting our ducks in a row before the filming day. If you have actors or voice-talent, we’re auditioning for that and doing any location scouting, if needed.

We’re helping you with script-writing or interview questions related to the shoot and coming up with a storyboard, if you wanted/needed one. During this time, confirming shooting schedules and craft services. Also, importantly, we’re gathering and testing equipment, charging batteries, cleaning lenses, etc.


It’s obvious that we’re busy on filming days because you can easily see what’s going on and how many people are running around making it happen for you. You’ll see the Director with his shot-list, camera operators and all of the “lights, camera, action”.


This is another one of those areas that you may not get to see in person. This is the time when we’re reviewing the footage to make sure we got everything we needed, and logging footage.

When editing begins, the editor goes over the footage, listens to relevant interviews to pull out sound bites and builds the “story”. This is when the magic really begins. The interviews or video footage become a “rough draft”, which will be sent to you for your feedback and requested changes. We like written changes, via email, usually, but we’re happy to go over your written changes over the phone if you want to be sure that they’re understood.

You’ll have 2 drafts to make changes and then we send over a final draft in any version you may need.


Maybe you know that the video you want is a simple one and won’t really require all that additional work. Or maybe you need a video, but don’t have the budget for one. We have an option for you! We’ve produced some very nice, short videos for $1,000.

In an effort to make these affordable, we have a few rules. We schedule a one hour shoot at your location. You will be responsible for coming up with your own script and/or talking points. Or we can do it interview-style. We will go over the details of the video with you beforehand to determine the goal of the video and how you want it to look.

After the shoot, we have creative control during the editing phase and the client is given one rough draft and chance to make minimal changes. If additional changes are requested beyond the additional draft, you will be charged for editing on an hourly basis.

By keeping editing and filming time to a minimum, we can offer this video at a very affordable cost.

Are you new to Episode 11 Productions? Is so, we want to show you just how confident we are in our service to you. We encourage you collect quotes from other production companies. We encourage you to speak to their staff and to investigate their work. We truly believe you will realize the incomparable service you receive from our staff, as well as the production value from our production team members. We truly care about our clients.