Video Editing Services In Charlotte


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We are North Carolina’s leading video editing choice for those who want nothing but the best in polished editing  for video footage.

Editing brings all of the production pieces together into a magical collage of storybook greatness. This is the step where the video recordings, audio tapings, sound effects, motion graphics, titles, and special effects are combined, sorted, and placed into story form.

Matched with the most exclusive editing software packages, our team produces a level of visual wizardry that is unseen outside of a Hollywood sound stage. The magic begins with our skilled editor using only the most supreme software packages. Our editing bay is equipped with software packages from Autodesk Smoke, Adobe After Effects, and Autodesk Maya.

Not only do we edit our own video footage in-house, but can also edit your raw footage. Call us before you begin to shoot and we can give you some guidelines to help get the most from your material. This will save you time, money and frustration.

Why It Should Matter to You

Each time a file is saved from one program and brought into another, for further processing, it degrades the quality, increases the contrast and data is removed from the file, never to be returned. Often, video files need several different types of processing to complete the required task. Autodesk Smoke, although out of reach for the normal editor, is our program of choice for several reasons.

The number one reason Smoke is used in our editing bays is the encoding quality, out of the box. No other video production editing software package give the same level of quality as Autodesk Smoke. The second reason for our choice is the tools included inside the software package.

Editors often switch gears numerous times during the editing process to get the job done. Once the shot video clips are place on the timeline, they sometimes need color correcting, visual effects and motion graphics. The editor then needs combine two or more clips together to create the scene – called compositing. Autodesk Smoke performs each of these task, all within the same program, creating the highest quality export in the video production industry today.

Our Secret Weapon

Our business model is exclusively based on the creative talents of our crewmembers, combined with the science of psychology. Well, unlike most video production companies in the world…yes, the world, we have one secret weapon that they do not possess – a female editor. A well-read female editor. The sexes are equal you say. No they are not. From a physiological frame of reference, men and woman are totally different.

Did you know that women have more nerves between the two halves of the brain than men? The University of Pennsylvania found that women actually have more brain cells than men, and women are better than men in the area of…COMMUNICATION. This is our secret and it's almost unheard of in the video production industry. Tap into this source now. This is why we have won national competitions, and we're not talking about those crappy Telly Awards...we're talking about awards that A-1 actors would recognize. THATS our secret.