TV Commercial Production

Television Commercial Production

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Television commercial productions are still a viable option for gaining lots of marketing exposure, however it’s a bit more complex than other options. There is a two-fold pricing structure for producing television commercials: production cost and air time. You have a few options.

• Call your local cable provider’s ad-placement department. Someone will work with you about your ad and will then dispatch a camera operator, which will come out for 45 minutes, shove a microphone in your face and record what you say – this will be your commercial.

• Hire a media placement company is a one stop solution, however media placement companies act as a liaison between you and the cable provider. Chances are, you’ll get much of the same as the cable providers, but with a slightly higher cost.

• Choose a video production, I mean Episode 11 Productions to produce your commercial. By using a professional video production company, you are certain to get higher quality production over using your local cable provider. Your TV spot will be created with the same level of thought and planning as some of the major commercial spot you currently see on air. You can then go to your local cable provider and negotiate the best rate for your airtime.

Here are some thoughts before you commit to producing a television commercial.

Know your audience.

A concrete understanding of your target market more paramount than ever. More advertising is being diverted from traditional television outlets to streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Red, and many others. It pays to know what demographic is watching, when, and most importantly – where they are watching.


Television ad campaigns are expensive. The commercial must air many times before you will see a return on your investment. The cost associated with airing commercials spans the largest gamut of any other advertising outlet. Placing an ad on Hulu – 1,000 impressions – cost about $50. Airing a commercial during prime-time will run you around $125,000, and it goes up from there.

Some Quick Facts About TV Commercials

  • Easiest method of reaching large numbers of people in a short amount of time
  • Ads can be targeted either locally or nationally
  • Advertisements viewed during TV shows create trust in the viewer
  • Television commercials can be cost prohibited and need long term commitment
  • TV viewers bemoan interruptions during shows and will find ways to avoid them
  • Tracking results relies on third-party companies like Nielsen and comScore