Trade Show Videos

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It’s not enough to have the closest booth to the door any longer. There can be hundreds of other vendors who are competing for the same attendee’s attention, and some may have bigger, flashier booths, but we have a couple of tips.

Playing a looping trade show video has been proven to increase the success of trade show exhibits. It’s the quintessential tool for commanding the attention of the attendees, delivering your message and leaving the viewer with questions.

two goals during trade shows

  1. Get people to come to your booth. The magic doesn’t happen until someone steps in. That’s where we come in and I’ll discuss how we can help later.
  2. Lead generation through badge swipes or business card exchanges.

You really lucked out with this video request. Our Co-owner was once a Meeting Planner for a fortune 500 company, planning over 100 events and tradeshows per year. We have some inside knowledge that most do not, so let’s get started.

Trade show visitors have little time to spend with each vendor, so you have to get them in, exchange information and get them out. A well-planned trade show video will do the trick. The key to trade show videos is short and sweet.

We recommend several 1-2 minute videos and play them back to back on a looping flash drive. The videos should be high energy with  a rocking music bed. Once the attendee is in your booth, we need to keep them there, so we’re going to share a little secret with you from our ex-meeting planner.

Are you ready for the secret? Place extra thick padding under your booth’s carpet. Attendees often have tired feet and will stay in a place that’s comfortable. Remember, it’s all about alleviating the pain of our prospects. We have created a video which brought them into your booth. Now the feet are resting and they are looking for an excuse to stay for a while. This is your chance to do your thing.

Trade shows cost big money, but they can be excellent money generators with the right advanced planning. A video for your booth is NOT the place to skimp out. You need all the help you can get to bring those future customers to your booth. Get a big screen and good sound system and there’s no way your booth will be over-looked, even from the back of the hall.

Some Quick Facts About Trade Show Videos

  • It MUST be visually engaging
  • Make it short and sweet
  • Create questions in the viewer
  • Big screens work best for pulling attendees from far away
  • Sound is 50% of the production, so get a good sound system
  • Bookend those videos so they play in succession