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If your market is Generation Z and Millennials, then social media is where you should focus your efforts. Social media outlets are more important that TV for these groups.

The video diet of today’s young people is no longer just a sandwich, it’s a full service buffet, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and twice on Sunday. They just can’t get enough. How many times have you or someone that you know have to tell those 14-24 years olds to put down their phones? It’s their world and it would be really smart if you were in it.

Gen Z’rs and Millennials use video content for entertainment, for staying connected with friends, and for stress relieve. Those of school age are increasingly being required to do more outside of the classroom and stress does occur. If these are your potential customers, it would be wise to plan your social media marketing plan around lots of laughter.  

Think about this. You now have the ability to broadcast your marketing message directly to your audience…24 hours a day…seven days a week…365 days per year. It’s very much like having your very own television station, where you control the content.

Several years ago, an individual would need to see your marketing message seven to nine times before an action was taken on the part of the viewer. Today, that number is over 100, but with such a high number, how to you prevent ad fatigue?

Social media videos are a perfect solution. We can produce seven to ten short clips from just one day of shooting. You would then be prepared to post a different clip every two weeks. That’s almost a FULL YEAR of marketing and advertising for the cost of a one-day shoot.

Benefits of using social media include:

  • Increased Referrals
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • New Clients in Existing Markets
  • New Clients in New Markets
  • Interaction with Customers
  • Generate Website Traffic
  • Ongoing Focus Group
  • Word-of-Mouth Platform



Some Quick Facts About Social Media Videos

  • There are 2.3 billion social media users
  • 1,000,000 new mobile social users added daily
  • 60 billion messages go through Facebook daily
  • 1.75 billion users on Facebook
  • 450 million users on LinkedIn
  • 320 million users on Twitter
  • 300 hrs of video uploaded to YouTube each minute
  • 1 billion mobile video views daily
  • Mobile video viewing is greater than 40 minutes