Postproduction Process

Step 3: Postproduction Process

Postproduction is much like a Chef in the kitchen of a high-end restaurant. All of the ingredients must come together in the correct order and in the correct amount. Too much of an ingredient can spoil the entire dish; the same is true of editing together a video. Postproduction requires a firm understanding of stories and how the viewer will react.

Video Editing

Video editing is the key to making sure that the project you’ve worked so hard to produce during the pre-production and production phases is a success. The editing process involves compiling the footage in an arrangement that tells the story, as well as adding the appropriate details, like transitions, music, titles and graphics, as needed.

A good editor is both creative and technical. The talent and technical abilities of the editor in the editing bay is a paramount aspect of the process and can make or break the final results of any video marketing project.

The creative part of video editing involves making the decisions about what elements to keep, delete, create or arrange in a visually pleasing manner. Technicality comes with the ability to use the software necessary to copy the various elements into a single video and compiling for final viewing and distribution.

We use top-of-the-line digital editing tools, such as Autodesk Smoke and Adobe’s After Effects for video editing. For 3D postproduction, our software packages include: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, and Poser. We list this information to show those who may want to research further, the fact that only the highest quality is good enough for our customers.

We rise above the typical mediocrity of your average video production company. Our award-winning editing team amplifies the final cut of the video, by delivering a much more compressed, lossless (no quality lost) encoded video file.


Royalty-Free Music

It’s a scientific fact that music has an effect on mood. Frontiers in Psychology found that music distracts the mind from the outside world and allows us a method of escape. It also helps the listener to invoke a sense of belonging to a given social group and makes them feel accepted.

It has also been reported that through music, a person could control the emotional state of the listener and bring them into any state from calm to angry, by slowly adjusting the intensity of the music. That being said, take comfort in that our musical library has thousands of royalty-free music to choose from. Pairing the right music is a paramount step that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We’ll help you decide what music to choose based on your goal.

We have access to millions of song to choose from for your video project. You have the option to choose a song track with vocal or without. In our opinion, choosing music tracks, with vocals, increased the production value-exponentially. Think about movies, which you have seen lately. Almost every song has lyrics. It may cost an extra $100, but when you see your viewer's reaction, you'll understand why we say: its worth it.

Special Editing Effects

Special Effects

High quality effects shouldn’t stand out, but should blend into the environment. Taking the extra time to create those effects can make a scene look incredibly more realistic, without looking over-processed.

One such effect that we often provide to our clients is sky replacement. Video camera don’t have the dynamic range that our eyes have, so shooting the exterior of a building will always leave the sky looking washed out.

By taking that extra step of sky replacement, the image now comes alive and is if your viewers are seeing it in person.


Green/Blue Screen Videos

Green screen, as well as blue screen has been around for some time and has now gained popularity in the corporate video world.

No longer are you bound by location when shooting your video. Our team will match lighting with the background image, so that you seamlessly blend into the environment.

Believability is the key to shooting green screen footage. Light it incorrectly, or from the wrong angles and it just looks bad. Don’t take the chance. We can help.

From executive interviews to full sound stage green or blue screen Cyclorama wall productions, we can handle most any cinematic project requirements.


Motion and Camera Tracking

We have the ability to elements to scenes that weren't there when we shoot the footage. By using special software packages, we can track the movement within a scene and "pin" items to the tracked locations. Ten years ago, this was major Hollywood type effects, but today, as long as you have a good editor, you can add things to the foreground, background, pin logos to objects, or just remove something all together. If you can dream it, we can create it.


Device-Ready Viewing

When all the phases of your video marketing project are complete, the last step in sharing your video with the masses is exporting the files to a format that viewers can see, sometimes called CODEC (compression/decompression).

Nothing is more frustrating that having to wait for your video to load. We prepare your project so that the viewer has the best possible experience, without sacrificing quality.

We provide you all needed compressions at no additional cost.

Listed below are the various options for formats available for your video:

The latest in web technology, reducing the need for proprietary plug-ins, softwares, and players.

• Flash Player
No longer supported by Adobe, this format is being phased out completely and is not a recommended format.

• Quick-time
Commonly used formatting offering more reliable viewing without the hiccups associated with WMV.

• Windows Media Player
Used among PC users, but some problems are associated with this CODEC.

Even this format is quickly becoming obsolete, however it's still sometimes used for media mailings trade-shows, lobby areas, and retail.

• Thumb-drives and SD Cards
Many times, Event Planners use the USB port on trade show booth displays to play multimedia videos. These are great, because they're small, light-weight, and very affordable.

• Mobile Devices
Mobile devices are becoming extremely popular and most are equipped to play video. This is, by far, the fastest growing encoding platform.

Step 1: Preproduction

Preparations are not an option for a smoothly produced video. Its the key to happy clients and a stress-free crew.

Step 2: Production

Bringing the right video production equipment to the job is just as important as what's captured through the camera lens.