complex ideas easily communicated with explainers typography with cartoon characters blurred in backgroundBreathing Life into Cartoons and Whiteboards

There are times when filming may not be feasible, that’s when explainer videos become the hero. Explainer videos come in two different styles: cartoon and whiteboard. Each provides a snapshot of what your business offers, and moves the viewer to a call-to-action. Think of an explainer video like your elevator pitch…short, sweet, to the point and a lot of fun.

Your explainer video is virtually boundless, creatively speaking. There aren’t many limits as to what you can do. From simple, low cost graphical elements and animations to high-end characters with complex simulations. We create all tiers of illustrations and virtual scenes. Explanatory videos can interject a unique and fresh perspective to your message and allow the audience to connect with your brand - emotionally. After all, who doesn’t like cartoons and animations? I bet you had a favorite one when you were young.

There are seven basic steps to producing an explainer video:

• Script
• Discovery
• Voice-over Talent
• Character Choice
• Storyboard
• Production
• Polish and Deliver

The standard delivery time for Explainer Video Items are:

• Scriptwriting-2 Business Days
• Voice-over Production-1-2 Business Days
• Storyboarding-8 Business Days
• Animation-10 Business Days
• Revisions-2-3 Business Days

Perfect for very short presentations, Explainer Videos are effective and inexpensive.

two types of explainer videos

Whiteboard explainer videos simulate a hand drawing the animation in realtime, as the voiceover speaks the script to the viewer. The constant movement of the hand holds the viewer's attention and help sustain interest.

Cartoon explainer videos are a more advanced versions of the old hand-drawn overlays, which simulate animation. These video invoke youthful nostalgia, while conveying your message, leaving the viewer thinking about your message, while thinking of their youth.

hand drawn white board images for explainer videos

image of cartoon construction worker with hard hat to illustrate cartoon explainer video capabilities

Some Quick Facts About Explainer Videos

  • Explainer video cause "pattern interruption" in the brain. Because the format isn't expected, the viewer is forced to take notice. Patterns exist everywhere in the world from the pattern of the seed on a pine comb to the petals of a flower. When a pattern is "interrupted", our brains are forced to investigate.
  • Even adults like cartoons and animations. There is a reason that animated movies earn most at the box office. Yes, those with children make it a family affair, however a large part of the theater audience are adults who love animated films. The nostalgia we experience takes as back to our youth and we leave with a feeling of happiness and contentment.