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Employee Profiles are perfect for anyone who has direct contact with clients, such as sales people, customer service reps, repair technicians, and project managers.

An organization’s strength is its people, and an organization will be judged accordingly the client’s interaction with them. One way of creating value in the eyes of your clients, investors and partners is by showcasing your staff.

Profile videos are nothing more than a brief video introduction of key employees. Because body language is 96% of human communication, it’s impossible to get the same results from a staff photograph. By putting a face and voice, with a name through a short video, you’re likely to build rapport and trust much faster than without it.

Videos display an individual’s story, their strengths, charm, wit and approachability. Viewers can become instantly drawn to your key personnel after watching a profile video. It’s the perfect tool to allow your team to illustrate their unique qualities and how that fits into their day-to-day roles.

Consider this: you are someone’s customer. If you’re on a website, wouldn’t it be great to see a short clip of the person on the other end of the phone? Think about how that would make you feel. There’s a reason why is comforting to make a face to face connection with people, albeit through an online video profile.

Unconsciously, for those we have never met, we build an entire outline of a person. We mentally construct the color of their hair, how tall they are, what their face looks like and so on. When we humans make judgements without all of the facts, we always get lots of things wrong. This can have a measurable impact on employee/customer relations.  

Erase that doubt by including Employee Profile videos on your website. Invite your clients to reach out to key personnel through the site, so that the video introduction is seen before your phone number is dialed.

The end result is a staff which feels a sense of belonging (increased productivity), and an audience that will quickly develop a connection with them, built on trust (increased sales).




Some Quick Facts About Employee Profile Videos

  • Unscripted monologues bring out the personality 
  • Incorporates an element of corporate transparency
  • Increases website user experience
  • Puts genuine faces with your brand
  • Employees have a unique twist to your story 
  • Builds authentic relationships with clients  
  • Humanizes the voice on the phone
  • Employees take ownership of their position
  • The return on investment is huge