combing film-making and corporate videos typography with woman and television blurred in backgroundCorporate Films are a perfect way to weave stories surrounding products, which helps the viewer make emotional connections, thereby reinforcing the Brand. We combine a scripted storyline, complete with Professional Actors and cinematic production techniques.

Corporate short films just are the most powerful method of brand message distribution available today. This new production format is a process of using indirect selling techniques to convey your message. Think of Corporate films as a film-short, complete with actors, script, and your product’s end user as the hero of the story. Let me explain:

Most corporate films produced today show the features and benefits of a product or service. This doesn’t work and hasn't in many years. Products must solve a problem. You must hit the “pain point” with your prospect. Pharmaceutical companies have pain point in each of their ads. The process involves showing some discomfort in the beginning and then showing how the product is the answer to elevating the pain.

Corporate film follow this formula, but in a way that isn’t ‘in your face’ like big pharmaceutical. We create a storyline around the product, which the viewer can relate to in some way. Here’s an example of a recent storyline that we developed for a company selling paint removal products.

Little girl is holding hands with a little boy. She paints her initials, a heart and the young boy’s initials on the school painting rock. The camera cuts to a new scene where this girl sees her boy talking to another girl. On her way to class, she meets a new boy that she likes. The last scene is the little girl erasing the first boy’s initials from the painting rock and painting in the new boy’s initials.

Viewers instinctively envision themselves within the scene. It hits home to every person who has ever been in love, dumped, been in love again…and deep in the subconscious, to every person who has some paint somewhere that this product can erase. This is why this format works so well. Coke uses it, Apple uses it and Dawn dishwashing liquid. What does washing oil off little baby ducks have to do with washing your dishes? You can watch the video here: Dawn Dishwashing Commercial

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Some Quick Facts About Corporate Short Videos

  • Successful brands are built on great stories
  • Its your job to tell customer's your story
  • Stories not ads build brands
  • Take the viewer on an emotional journey
  • More conversion from awareness to advocacy
  • Brand stories speak directly to the subconscious 
  • Storytelling makes your brand more human
  • Shorts work for any industry and is powerful
  • Stores are emotional and emotions drive decisions