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4K Cinematic Video Production Company in Charlotte

4k video production services shoots train platform which reads high productions value affordable prices.

Of course you can go elsewhere to get your video produced, but if you're ready to painlessly produce your next corporate, trade show, or promotional video, then Episode 11's 4K video production services is perfect for Charlotte corporate clients, looking for stress-free experiences.

We have participated in producing Emmy-Winning TV programs. If you want someone to tell your story, you really can’t get much better than that.

Wouldn't it be great to develop a personal connection with a company who is genuinely 
interested in building a long term business relationship, all the while providing you with a product that successfully obtains its marketing goal? Of course you would.

Our production team prides themselves not only on producing the highest quality cinematic corporate videos, but also on fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and building mutually beneficial relationships. We understand our client’s needs for trust and reliability. We are a resource that you can depend on. I’d like to share a little secret with you, but before I do, I’ll tell you a bit about the tools we use for our partners.

We provide a full range of services, including:  site surveys, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and cinematic video taping and filming. We have provided these services to many clients, both large and small. If you haven't had a change, take a look through our corporate clients list, so that you understand the caliber of productions, which we produce.

4K Image Storytelling

Video isn’t going anywhere. As a matter of fact, it’s the most demanded media today. 96% of Business to Business marketers are currently using video in their marketing strategy. 82% of Business to Consumer marketers are also using video. What sets apart successful video marketing is the cocktail of art, both visual, auditory, and with a compelling story.

Another reason that sets us apart from the pack is our exclusive production workflow. We throw off the traditional, wasteful production practices and focus on the needs of our clients. We provide a practical workflow process, which is easier for you and more efficient for our crews.

We invite you to experience what others already know-we're fun and we get the work done. If you want, we'll even let you use the clapper and call out the "takes".

Featuring an Exclusive 4K Workflow

4K production is all the rage. Big box stores display the super sharp, almost lifelike televisions with spectacular images of the wonders of the world. The images display a quality unheard of until now, with lots of contrast and clarity. It’s almost as if you could reach into the scene. The question everyone asks is what exactly is 4K and how will it help me.

The answer is rather technical and complex. Let’s go back a few years; remember when we were all watching standard definition TV? Those big tube TVs that were deeper than they were wide. Then came the high definition (HD) televisions. We were all stunned with the quality of those, now older tvs. The colors were bright and the quality was nothing that we have ever seen, outside of a movie theater. We’ll 4K is just the next step in an ever expanding viewing technology.

We Produce Videos in the Following Areas

Corporate Films

Employee Profiles

Explainer Videos

Promotional Videos

TV Commercials

Social Media Videos

Trade Show Videos

Safety Videos

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Planning is essential to a successful marketing campaign. We make every effort to plan each step of the process and provide tools, which allow everyone involved to express ideas and suggestions, before we even show up to shoot.

Preproduction Details

Video Production

The process of shooting films and videos can vary widely between video production firms. Our process involves only true cinematic equipment and techniques-including cameras lighting and audio.

Production Details


This is where the magic happens. Our top of the line editing software package, along with one of the very few female editors in the industry, creates video campaigns, which are no possible with other video production companies.

Postproduction Details