Video Marketing Using Shapes

Shape Up: The Effects on Video Marketing

Shapes are just as an important part of video marketing as colors, movement, fonts, and text, but it’s almost always overlooked, except for those who understand the mind of the consumer.

There are three basic types of shapes that exist: geometric, organic, and abstract. Now, without getting into a geometry lesson, or a lesson into sacred geometry (will discuss in another article), geometric shapes are those basic circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles. Organic shapes are those that happen in nature: smooth, flowing lines. Abstract are the man-made shapes that we often see: wheelchair symbols, male/female restroom images, etc.

Let’s go through the different shapes and their influence on the consumer.


Circles/Ovals/Rounded Corners:





Do you like to visit the beach, or the mountains? I’d bet yes, you do. The reason for this is that organic shapes, like that of an ocean shoreline, or the varying heights of the mountain tops gives you a feeling of peace, calm, comfort, and beauty. Natural, or organic shapes don’t like lines. There are always twists, turns, spirals, and soft corners in nature. Very few things are symmetrical in the natural world, so these shapes are perfect for a timeless


There is a direct communicative relationship between abstract shapes and viewer, because these shapes are very subjective. I would be cautious when using abstract shapes. Do you know how many people have given different statements about Van go’s Starry Night? I’m not sure any of us know that answer, but the point has been made. Abstract shapes give a sense of mystery, hidden meanings, and covert secrets. Unless you’re selling spy equipment, I’d advice against using many abstract shapes.


As you can see, there are striking differences in how a consumer will view your merchandise, just based on shapes. Part of our discovery process is to really know who fits your target audience. People purchase for difference reasons, but it ALWAYS comes back to psychology. Even something as a simple as a talking head video can be made more effective by changing the same of the lower third to match your target demographic. When we create a video project or 3D image or film, we’re mindful of just how shapes will affect the audience, even our website has even been designed to invoke a certain feeling from the visitor.

We can show you how to correctly use the psychology of shapes within your next production for video or 3D animations. Just give us a call and can help you get started. An effective marketing campaign is much more than finished piece, it’s about what is included into that marketing piece that matters.

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