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I’m a Director Not a PA

I'm No Production Assistant Each video production student should read this article, because it gives them some insider information about how to succeed in the video production industry. Episode 11 Productions has heard students refusing to work as a PA many times and from students graduating from some very prestigious schools. We’ll examine this and other…
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The Future of Video Production

Technology moves faster than the latest update from Adobe’s Flash. Every camera used in any video production company is obsolete. New cameras come out on a daily basis; the latest better than the last. So what does this say about the future of video production? We’ll examine that and more in this post. View into…
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Video Dominates Web Traffic

By the year 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be…can you guess? VIDEO! That’s right. Here are a few reasons why: 1) More people today research and shop from computers and mobile devices than ever before. It’s easy to get lots of information in a small amount of time, and that’s good, because we’re all busy. 2) It’s all…
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