Commercial Photography


  • commercial and product photography services typography with blurred products in background
  • commercial and product photography services typography with blurred products in the background

Photography Science

Chances are that you have a job, which requires you to move a product or a service. Corporate photography, along with product photography is one of the least expensive and quickest way to start that marketing-train rolling. But wait! A photograph of your product isn’t enough to move the viewer to purchase. As a matter of fact, the talent behind the camera isn’t enough to move products and services; so what is enough?

Great commercial and product photographers understand, not only the best photographic techniques, but also a firm knowledge of the psychological aspects of consumer behavior. Just as a small example, the image to the left will change. Where is your eye led when viewing each of them? By understanding the answer to this question, we can lead your eye where we want - that is powerful.

Learn more about how we can help you meet your department's internal goals and your companies long-term goals.

Effective Photography Includes Psychology

Here's a statement made by   in an article he wrote for Photography Daily Theme in 2012. He wrote: "When one takes a picture, one is actually crystallizing one’s own experience into a tangible form. By the choices the photographer makes in lighting, composition, subject and the way the picture communicates, the photographer interprets a snapshot of a splice of time". What a profound statement.

By submersing ourselves in the study of current consumer behavior findings and the study of psychology, our experience comes from a very different viewpoint from your average, run-of-the-mill photographer. We incorporate what is known about the human mind into our photographs. We know how to educate, inspire, inform, shake up and ultimately CHANGE the perspective of the viewer.

Areas of Corporate and Product Photography

We help our clients effectively communicate their marketing messages in the following areas of photography.

• Event Photography
• Real Estate and Architectural
• Medical Procedures
• Food Photography
• Products and Product Packaging

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