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Corporate/Commercial Photography Services

practical corporate photography services typography with blurred photo of wine and wine bottle in backgroundHuman beings are visual creatures. Did you know that 90% of the transmitted information in the brain is visual? As a matter of fact, research conducted at 3M discovered that humans process information in photographs and graphics 60,000 times faster than text. The old saying: “a picture is worth a thousand words” is actually true. Trust your corporate photography needs to a company who understands the psychology of the consumer.

Photographs are powerful motivators. They have the ability to place the viewer right into the scene. We strictly focus on consumer product, corporate events and architectural images. By offering image solutions for corporations only, we can totally focus on creating corporate photographs that command attention and move viewers emotionally. If the psychology part of invoking emotion is missing from your photographs, then you’ve wasted your money – no matter how good the photograph looks.

• Despite many changes in the industry over the last 10 years, with better cameras, sharper lenses and software applications, the key component of an effective photographic corporate communication remains to be the talent behind the camera. Anyone can snap a simple photo, but capturing perfect imagery is an art developed over many years of study and practice. Our creative approach to commercial photography is simple, yet effective.

• Our background is as varied and impressive as the work we produce. The range of specialties includes: commercial, product, food, corporate, entertainment, and architectural photography. We understand how the brain interprets visual information. Valuable corporate photography goes beyond an understanding of lighting techniques, camera angles and composition; it also includes the latest applications of psychology in consumer behavior and why people react to photographs.

Trust and Consistency
• There is several reasons why we have repeat clients. We deliver reliable, dependable results, every time, every image, and to every customer. You can always expect our photographs to clarify the concept of your business goals and directives. We place high standards on our photographic quality and on our clients trust to provide them with high-impact images.




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corporate photography pricing

Our focus on the corporate is designed to be as easy of a process as possible for our clients. We have a straight-forward pricing structure based on either an hour basis or a project basis. Nothing is more frustrating than getting an estimate at the beginning of a photographic project, only to be hit with many more hours billed than originally estimated.

We have a pricing system that is practical for our clients. No longer do you have to sacrifice next year's budget, to get your corporate photography, product shots, or event photos now. There are two ways in which we price all of our photography projects: Hourly-based and Project-based.

Hourly-based pricing is practical for event photography, where you need photographic coverage for a certain amount of time per day. This is the pricing structure used by many Event Planners for photography services during trade shows, sales meetings, or corporate presentations.

Project based pricing is great for product shots, food shots and architectural shots. You aren’t charged an hourly fee, because you’re paying for a photograph of a product, which may take us an hour, three hours, or more. This makes life easy on the person having to explain the line item in the budget. There are never any surprises.