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October 11, 2016

New Website Explains New Production Workflow Causing Anger in the Video Production Industry

word cloud with all words describing a websiteCharlotte, NC: Today, Episode 11 Productions, a cinematic video production, 3D animation and product photography company, launches a website touting a new production workflow that disrupts the standard video production industry standard, all while maintaining quality and reducing cost.

The company’s recent production workflow development has been appreciated by companies such as FMC, MTV, 3M, McDonalds and many others. The new website discusses the company’s entire production process and gives visitors a behind the scenes view of how the production industry has historically taken advantage of the corporate market.

Not only does the website give information about the company’s history, the employees, and the clients, it also helps its corporate clients understand the production process and how the production industry has inflated the need for engaging unnecessary personnel and the need for other excessive production equipment.

An article on the website’s blog relates the status-quo production company to a medical facility and its clients to a medical patient. Patients aren’t privy to the same information as employees of the medical facility and so pay exacerbated fees for simple services. Production clients are in a similar situation. Many production companies take advantage of the complexity of producing corporate videos and often charge for unnecessary personnel and equipment rentals.

As the website evolves, more information will be added and updated on a weekly basis. The company’s goal is to continue to educate its current and potential clients to the workflow step and how to get the very most out of every production.

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