Music Video: Kairos

Sit back and enjoy this tale.

Tony Davis, II is a Sound Engineer here at Episode 11 Productions, but his passion is creating progressive metal music. Kairos has created something very unique in Charlotte's music scene. Their sound is heavy but built from a classical, jazz foundation, peppered with complex guitar licks and tight drum beats.

The band's album is being released in October, 2016. Each song follows a part of an evolving story. The album's purchase options include the storybook, which graphically illustrates the song's story.

The members of Kairos include:

Chris Deitz (not only haunting growls but melodic-Vocals)
Dalton Holland (riveting beats and comic relief-Drums)
Kevin Pearce (master nookly bits-Guitar)
Jackson Owens (mysteriously massive low notes-Bass)
Tony Davis, II (mystifying arrangement maker-Guitar)

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