Photographing Glass

Photographing Glass|Product Photography

Photographing glass is a tough assignment, if you aren’t experienced with shooting translucent objects. The issue is how to light the object, see all the detail, without over lighting. It’s really quite simple, if you know the secrets, and here they are.

Use a Lightbox: Lightboxes may be purchased or contructed out of pvc pipe and pure white fabric. I chose to create the one that we use, because we typically shoot larger products, and the ones available for purchase are rather small for our needs.

gradient-backgroundUse gradient background: These backgrounds are available in vinyl or paper, of various dimensions, and come in many different varieties of colors.

Flank the glass with black paper: When glass is lit, its easy to lose the definition on the edges…they tend to just fade into the background. By placing a roll of black paper on both sides of the glass object, it creates a darker edge on the glass, so that it stands out from the background.

product-photography-glassUse a high F-stop: It’s better to use a normal lens (around 50mm). Because of using a short lens, the camera must be placed fairly close to the glass object and using a lower F-stop will cause part of the glass to be out of focus. It’s better to use F-8 to F-11 when shooting close, so that the entire product is in focus.

Light from beneath: Glass objects look great when light comes from under the object. If you intent to shoot the product on a solid black background, simply cut a hole in the paper, slightly smaller than the product and light it from beneath as well. This technique adds depth and a polished look.

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