Studio Puppy-The Cutest Employee


I’m a rescued Rabbit Dachshund. I’m very similar to a miniature Dachshund, just a wee bit smaller.

Yes, I keep morale up in the office, but I’m also a famous movie star. I starred in the film “Off the Grid: Story of Sacred Valley”. I have a special little ritual that I perform before each scene. That’s me on the left doing my ritual.

Not only am I a movie star, but I’m also a great neck warmer. I like to stand on your feet, look up at you and then beg for the “ok”. I then jump up into your lap, climb up your arm and lay around your neck. It makes me feel tall.

I was named after “Dolby Digital Sound”. When I was picked up from the rescue facility, Episode 11 Studios wanted their Facebook friends on their company fan page to name me, and Dolby was the name that was chosen by the most people. I could have been a Hitchcock or a Blooper, but Dolby won in the end. I’m glad. I think I look like a Dolby.


Dolby is our cutest employee and he brings a smile to every client that comes through the door. Most of the time, you can find him sitting behind Beth’s neck as she edits our latest video creations. Beth calls him her fur stole.

When you visit us, remember to have him show you all of his tricks. He has the normal ones like: sit, stay, down, roll over, bang-bang, and kisses. He also has a very unique new one. We’ll go over to table and yell: “the police are coming, the police are coming”, he instantly runs over the table to hide-its adorable.

He certainly has his own personality and unlike any that we’ve ever seen. He’s quite pretentious and though you may offer a treat, he’s not going to eat it until it sniffs it, take a little lick and will then decide if it’s worthy of his palate.

It’s also worth noting that he is Beth’s favorite. That is no changing that fact. He is never more than five feet from her the entire day. Beth often jokes and says that she “didn’t give birth to him”.

He has been an absolute joy to us and our clients. He’s very well-behaved, very playful, and love everyone…once he gets to know you. He never bites but he absolutely MUST make sure that you are worthy of his time and attention.

Little Known Facts

Here Are Some Little Known Facts About Me

I’m really quite spoiled. I get to sleep in the bed, but what I love to do is burrow under the pillows. Sometimes I get laid on though, so I have to be careful.

I refuse to go outside to pee when it’s raining. I’ll hold it until I explode, or until my human parents throw me outside, but then I just pee right outside the door. When I come back in, I pretend to love them so much, just so that I can wallow around on them to dry off. They think that I’m happy to be around them, but I’m really just cold and wet.

I am a fierce guard dog. If I don’t know you, I’ll raise my back hair up and bark loudly. I guard my home and will NOT back down. Well, that is until someone steps closer to me and then it’s every person/dog for themselves, because I’m out of there. Once that I realize that you aren’t going to kill me, I’ll be your best friend.

Favorite movie quotes

Can You Recognize Any of These

 Bolt: Bolt “I gotta warn ya, going into the belly of the beast – danger at every turn”.

Shoeshine: Underdog “Right. I’m going to learn manners from a guy who pees in my white porcelain drinking bowl”.

Butch: Cats & Dogs “Hey! You can call yourself Squeaky the Spacedog for all I care, but that doesn’t make your behind a rocket pack. You are not an agent.”

Scooby Doo: Scooby Doo, Doo Happens “Rokay, I rill! Your rother eats cat roop”!

Otis: Adventures of Milo and Otis “Maybe you don’t realize it, Milo, but this a major day for me, because… well, maybe you don’t realize it, but this is the day I’ve become… a watchdog”!