Curt Braden: Camera

Camera Operator/Drone Pilot



Growing up, I loved to skateboard, and I was pretty good. There was a point in my life when I was driven to become the next Tony Hawk. I would skate for hours, perfecting my techniques, until I mastered them. However, what good are my cool tricks if no one gets to see them? I had to get this stuff on video. That’s where the story twists.

I put my hands on a camera and everything changed. I absolutely loved shooting videos and taught myself the basics of composition, lighting, cameras movements and editing. It was quite a learning curve, but I stuck with it.

I continued to shoot all through college while obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Economics, at the University of North Carolina. After graduation, I worked at a director of video production for a management company and it’s there that I cut my teeth.

As I continue to learn all the aspects of this great industry, there’s always that dream in the back of my mind to create a full-length feature film about the life of a professional skateboarding team. Until then, call me the man with the many video production hats.

Curt Braden: Crew member

He's always the guy with the most tools-Chicks dig it. Curt is one of the best decisions that Episode 11 has made in the last 10 years. He's invaluable and when you meet him, you'll understand why.

It's hard to determine what's more fun about Curt: watching him working or watching him interact with the clients. His personality is so charismatic. He treats everyone with equal respect, from the boardroom to the mailroom.

Although he wears many hats, his ultimate skill is his ability to pilot our drone. Flying a drone outdoors is fairly easy for most, but he once pulled off an incredibly difficult shot, by maneuvering the drone inside of a warehouse. Now THAT is skill!

Not all drone pilots are created equal.

Not all drone pilots are created equal.

Everybody loves Curt. Many of our repeat clients (which are most) request that he be a part of the crew. He's great at whatever position for which he holds but his very best characteristic is his love and respect for our clients. We consider ourselves very lucky to have Curt as a part of the Episode 11 Productions' family.


Little Known Facts

Here Are Some Little Known Facts About Me

I was once a Skateboard Instructor, sponsored by – Supra Footwear, Venture Trucks, Diamond Supply Co.

I absolutely LOVE to eat fried Oreo’s

Favorite movie quotes

Can You Recognize Any of These

Airplane: Leslie Nielsen “Surely You Can’t Be Serious ……….. I am serious…. and don’t call me Shirley”.

Anchor Man: Will Farrell “Milk was a bad choice”.

I'm Always Available for Questions

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