Our Creative Team

Customer Focused Video Production Team


blurry photography of film crewWouldn't it be great to develop a personal connection with a company genuinely 
interested in building a long term business-relationship?

Our production team prides themselves not only in producing the highest quality videos, photography, and 3D imagery, but also on fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and building mutually beneficial relationships. We understand our client’s needs for trust and reliability and we want to be a resource that you can depend on. I’d like to share a little secret with you, but before I do, I’ll tell you a bit about the tools we use for our partners.

Here's what you get: corporate video production3-D modeling and animation, and commercial/product photography. We throw off traditional, wasteful production practices and focusing on the needs of our clients. We’re practical, efficient, friendly, and just plain fun to work with.

Imagine participating in a unique system of production practices that allows you to reap the benefits of working with a larger media company, but in a more intimate environment, and with personable staff members. When passion fuels the company's direction, the client's satisfaction becomes the focus. We make it easy-peasy.

Now, back to that secret-it’s all about the experience. People naturally navigate toward a comforting experience. Think about Starbucks’ hot coffee and comfy chairs. That’s a comforting experience. We invite you to experience our process and our people. See what others already know. Let us create an experience for you, a project with obtains your organization's goals and a process that is hassle free.

Each member of our production crew is worth five idle heads staring at their smart phones…we’ve seen it too many time on large sets. We know how frustrating it is to see people standing around, waiting to be told what to do. Our team is like a family. We combine our highly creative talents with the best cinema-quality video production equipment. We can give you the Hollywood quality videography without the Hollywood-sized headache or price tag.

By working with only the best individuals, our smaller teams can accomplish more than larger Hollywood-style production companies (Economics 101-Theory of the Firm-see below), and in less time. We know each other so well, we can anticipate each other’s needs. The result is a more creative influence and less duplicating efforts.

When you choose to work with Episode 11 Production, you're in for a very unique experience. Our two company owners - military veteran, Randy Davis, and an ex-event planner, Beth Sowell, along with our dedicated, talented production members, come together to create a formula for impressive cinematic videos, in a fun, but professional atmosphere. You'll be pleased, Upper Management will be pleased, and your viewers will primed for the next phase in the purchasing steps.

How Many People Are Needed on a Film Crew

The Theory of the Firm, taught in freshman college class, examines the best way to operate a company through a number of economic theories which predict, among other things, the relationship to the market. In short, employee only the people needed to do the job.

We're different from other production companies, because we aren't doing this to impress you with how many people are on our crew. We aren't going to bill you for a production assistant, at $200 per day if your budget is less than $15,000, because it's a total waste. We aren't going to bring an assistant camera operator if we are only shooting with two cameras. Our camera operators know how to set up their cameras, so you don't need to pay an extra $250 per person to set up cameras for 20 minutes and then stand around for the rest of the day.

The point here is that we aren't going to put people in positions, bill you for them, if they aren't going to benefit your production. Our exclusive production process schedules the correct number of people for each production.

Meet Your Creative Team

albert einstein blurry in the background behind text photos coming soon placeholder

Randy Davis

• Co-owner
• Director/Cinematographer for video shoots

• Product Photographer
• 3D Artist

albert einstein blurry in the background behind text photos coming soon placeholder

Beth Sowell

• Co-owner
• Director of Post Production

• Autodesk Smoke Artist
• Film/Video Editor


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Curt Braden

• Camera Operator
• Crane Operator

• Drone Pilot
• Grip

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Tony Davis, II

• Sound Engineer
• Boom Operator

• Digital Sound Design
• Folly Recording

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Dolby: Studio Dog

• Client Greeter
• Gaff Tape Chewer
• Crew Snuggler
• Neck Warmer