SEO Techniques for Video Production

Boost Your Video's SEO

Below are some tips to help you learn video production SEO techniques. Video content is an awesome tool. Look at some of the current musicians who got their start by posting videos on YouTube® and built an enormous following. Now, I say this, not to build your expectations of using video to sell every widget in your warehouse, but to illustrate just how effective video can be if enough of the right people see it. That’s where thinking about Video SEO comes into play.

For those who have little knowledge about SEO, or search engine optimization, it’s really nothing more than aligning your posting activities with those expectations of the search engines. Now, I don’t mean to give you the impression that this task is an easy one; major search engines calculate each webpage’s content with complex algorithms. By implementing these simple video seo techniques, you can greatly increase the number of eyeballs on your videos.


Search Engines are just on the cusp of understanding video content, so it’s important to give them all the help needed. Transcribing each of your videos is an excellent way to let those search engines know exactly what information the video contains.


Posting your video on several video-hosting sites can also give your video the boost that it deserves. Currently, YouTube® and Vimeo® are two of the largest video hosting sites. YouTube® is actually the second largest search site, behind Google®. To get the very most out of your webpage SEO, host the video on your own domain. This keeps the search engines from directing traffic to an outside site.

youtube and vimeo logosRemember that when you upload a video to a video hosting site, you are effectively creating a webpage on that site. The same SEO principles exist for creating video pages as a regular page on your own website. Ensure that you write descriptive copy with your keywords for both the Video Title and the Description. It’s also a good idea to place a link back to the page where the video will be used on your own site and also to social media pages.

Video Length

Keep is short. Nobody has time to watch a video over 2 minutes. Currently statistics state that 20% of the average video viewer leaves the video within 10 seconds. 60% of the viewers will watch the entire video and a few will drop out somewhere in the middle. This is where the use of psychology in your video production projects is paramount. A crew worth their price will incorporate psychologic elements in the scripting, shooting and editing. Again, keep it short and make it compelling.

Number of Videos

Search engines love content, so give it to them. Many companies are fearful of giving away, what they perceive as secrets. Trust me, there are no secrets anymore. Have you been on Facebook lately. My advice is to post lots of videos throughout the year. I’m not saying this to encourage you to book more shooting days, just the opposite. Chances are, we can help you create many videos out of a single shoot day, but that’s a topic for another post. Push video content out and encourage people to review the content. Show your target market how to use your product is ways they hadn’t thought of, or a better way to use your product.

Following these few steps can mean the difference in eyes on your video. We hope that this has been helpful and invite you to reach out to us for your questions or comments.

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