2017 Leading Video Production Agencies

Episode 11 Productions Featured as one of 2017’s Leading Video Production Agencies!

Every morning and evening we walk to and from work and watch as the world engages with technology in a way that has revolutionized the world from even just 5 years ago. As the years have gone by, we’ve gone from communicating on our phones, to reading the news on our phones, and now we see people consuming it and other information through video. Video is quickly (if it hasn’t already become) becoming the most influential type of media that people take in. Often times we watch something that shapes our day, something we send to our extended family, something we decide we need to buy in that moment, or even just something to take our mind off of our busy lives. Either way it shapes how we experience the world, what we pay for, how we create memories with those closest to us, and how we detach from our busy lives. We understand this power here at Episode 11 Productions and hope to utilize that knowledge in a way that creates a positive result for everyone.

We want to do something very simple: create awesome videos, for less money, and in less time. We believe that the best way to do this is to plan well with talented individuals. We want to create the most seamless experience for those that work with us. That is all to say that the way our clients experience us from the beginning of our relationship to the end and even after that is really important to us. So it was pretty obvious that we were happy when we found Clutch so we could get an in-depth understanding of how our clients are experiencing us. To be featured as a leader in their video production category is icing on the cake! So far we have had our analyst at Clutch interview one of our clients and are happy with what we see! A quote from that interview is below:

"Episode 11 will keep you on time, so I’d have to give them 10 out of 10 for project management. They’re great to work with. Beth is the person that we deal with and she gives great advice. Her expertise was really helpful, particularly in the scriptwriting process. "

top video production agency in 2017

Clutch is a company based in DC that conducts ratings and reviews for companies in the IT industry, and in our case, in the video production industry. Companies are placed in their Leader’s Matrix not because someone paid to be there, but because the company has a strong marketing presence, a strong ability to deliver, and client reviews. Their reviews are the weighted the heaviest in their methodology, which we get because happy clients mean we are doing something correctly, right? We’re excited to continue with Clutch, continue to make great and affordable videos for you, and hear how we can make the experience we provide better everyday!

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