How to Create Corporate Videos Within Budget

Get The Best Value For Your Videos

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Choosing the right corporate video production business is important. Video should be your first contact point with your intended audience, therefore it's vital your brand is reflected by the quality of your content, which engages your audience. It is important to keep in mind that video creation is an investment, so get the best value for your money. 

Everyone wants a good deal, but what constitutes a good deal in the realm of corporate video creation? I believe we can all agree that a high-quality production, along with a compelling message and a return on the investment, is considered by most to be a good deal.

Your investment into any video project should increase client conversion. It can be difficult to make the right choice for you and your organization. You certainly have lots of production companies to choose from, however, not all creative agencies are created equal. Many provide excellent service, however, just because someone has the capacity to run a camera, throw up a light, and clip on a microphone, doesn’t qualify them as experts in creation, editing, script writing or advertising.

A very large part of producing high quality video content consist of properly assigning crew tasks. The number one cost of creating video is the crew. Any production crew arriving on a bus, is, in most cases, adding pointless costs into your budget-a budget that you have to justify to your executive team. Don’t fall for the hype. Over-engineering a project takes you to the opposite end of the professional scale, as well as the scale of your budget.  

That being said, on the other end of the cost scale may not offer the best value for money choice. GOLDEN RULE: Always check to find the portfolio of work of a video company on their site to make certain their corporate videos contain a high level of production value and with a compelling message. REMEMBER: filming is only part of the manufacturing process, and the only thing worse than having no content, is horrible content.

Working with scriptwriters has a huge impact on the quality of your content. Don’t settle for anything less than a true scriptwriter-you deserve better. Writing for video is different from collegiate writing. Scriptwriters know how to properly use contractions in the writing of scripts, which helps the viewer ‘hear’ the message from a natural speaking perception (we don’t read videos, we see and hear them).    

Overpaying for video is running rampant and corporations who may not be familiar with the video industry are unnecessarily spending money. I’m not suggesting to seek the cheapest price. Cheap projects deliver precisely what they. In content creation terms, inexpensive really does mean “cheap”. It means semi-trained operators, poor equipment and generally, too little time taken on your project. On the other end, paying the most expensive production price, doesn’t guarantee better quality and a persuasive message. It’s important to know what to look for, when making choices about hiring creative video organizations. 

Video Budget Tips:

Lean video crew during corporate shoot.

Crew Members:

80% of most corporate videos can be recorded with, no more than, four crew-members, often times-two. If you see crewmembers who stand around and look at their phones, the production company that you hired is just trying to increase the size of your bill.

setup area for film crew.

Setup Time:

Typical setup time for corporate videos is about 1 hour (which includes the setup of dolly, crane, camera, and sound).

Don't be fooled into paying for 1/2 day setup time for the average corporate video project.

Director looking at monitor.

Video Director:

A Director is never needed, if less than three cameras are being used.

A "Director" should be reserved for multiple camera angle productions, so that he/she can be certain that the shots match his/her vision.

deli wraps for crew meal.

Crew Meals:

Production companies pass along meal costs to the hiring company. It’s less expensive to provide meals for the crew during shooting days. You’ll save around 40% by catering lunch, instead of having the crew schedule meals.

assistant camera operator using film camera.

Crew Positions:

Many will have you believe that, along with a Director, that you must have a Director of Photography, an Assistant Camera Operator, a Gaffer, and several Grips, but is the project doesn't warrant it, you shouldn't  foot the bill.

Editing screen from Smoke editing suite.

Editor Access:

Remember the game-Telephone? Just because we grew up, doesn't mean that our messages never get misunderstood. Having direct contact  the video Editor helps to eliminate mistakes and speed the process.

It’s important to remember that the video production industry is still in its infancy when it comes to video creation for the average corporate client. The techniques of the old film days are still lingering around, even through most have been replaced by technology. Be wary of production companies who are out to squeeze every dime from your budget, rather than to build a lasting business relationship.

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