How To Choose a Video Production Company

Choosing a video production company is risky; I’ll be honest. Because video is fairly new to the corporate world, often marketing departments are somewhat uncomfortable making video-vendor choices. The video industry is full of production companies who offer exactly what you need, but how do you make the right choice? We’ll give you some tips and some questions to ask, before you hire your next video production company.

Help is Available

Marketing Managers take risks each time a new vendor is hired. It’s difficult to cut through the noise and determine which company will deliver your expectations…and those of your company’s leadership team. You see, each of our team members came from the corporate world and we understand the culture and politics of your world. So, where do you start?

Your first stop should be a company’s website. Look through the samples and judge whether the style and production value match your needs. Let me explain. Each company is, in effect, a living organism that grows and evolves and has its own personal style. Some video creators produce a more corporate feel, while others may offer a more artistic style, while others, as with Episode 11 Productions, offer a strong cinematic approach. A look at your company’s brand culture can help you determine the right fit for you, however some pitfalls may still exist.

With less capital needed to enter the video production industry, camera crews are multiplying like spring rabbits, so it’s important for you to know what it takes to create an effective video message? It’s really not that complicated, when you know the questions to ask yourself. Here are some quick tips:

• Is the video image clear, in-focus, with smooth movements?
• Is the sound clean, with no hissing or other interferences, and at a good sound level?
• Is the scene well lit, with no harsh shadows or highlights?
• Is the editing of the project well-thought-out and organized?

Answering these few questions can give you a good idea of the quality of the production. Most of the production companies in Charlotte will give you great quality at various price points. We conducted a price comparison study, listed in our blog, and invite you to read through it, however there is something else to consider.

Creating a marketing message is your job. It’s our job to turn that message into an audio/video message that grabs your audience, holds their attention, and drives them to action. A top of the line camera, a sound stage full of lights and $10,000 microphones will never achieve that on their own; it takes knowledge behind the camera to make that happen.

How to Choose

The true secret on how to choose a production company is to look at the staff, not only from a creative standpoint, but also from a psychological-knowledge standpoint as well. When production companies incorporate psychology into the art of video production, then magic really begins to happen.

There is a reason that you choose the brand of toothpaste that you used this morning. That reason is the psychological cues that the company put into their advertisement and TV commercials. Colors, fonts, movements, and even the body language of individuals within your video project will have an effect on the viewer. A video message without the incorporation of the fundamentals of the immutable laws of marketing will never help you reach your goals. That’s a risk not worth taking.


Before you pick up the phone to call your next video partner, look at the company’s website; look at the bios of the staff members; watch a few video samples; request your video quote, and make an intelligent choice for you and for your company.

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