Why Episode 11 Productions

Why Should I Choose Episode 11 Productions?

We don’t pretend to be the perfect fit for everyone. The first thing to consider is if our process is right for you. Our crew members don’t have to justify their jobs. We aren’t going to waste time bringing extra, un-needed crew people who are just going to be in the way. We aren’t going to bring a Director to a one camera shoot. We aren’t going to bring a couple of production assistants to fetch coffee. Just like Hershel always said on The Walking Dead: “everybody has a job to do”.

If you believe that you need a 20-person crew to shoot your corporate video, then we probably aren’t a good fit for you. We have been on sets with crews that size and we have found that more crew members play on their phones than contribute to the overall production value. We believe in a practical approach and will use the right number of people to get the job done.

The next thing to consider is personalities. We are fun, down to earth, “reel” people. We aren’t pretentious; we aren’t arrogant; we don’t have haughty attitudes, nor do we play well with those who do.

We love collaborating with people to produce the most successful videos for our clients. We provide the creativity and psychology needed to invoke the needed emotion to move viewers to act, and our clients provide the knowledge of their industry. Together, it’s a recipe for a creative victory.

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