Storyboarding or Previz

Why Do We Need a Storyboard?

Not every production needs a storyboard or "previz" (pre-visualization). However, if your organization is tall, meaning that there are many levels of approvals needed, then a storyboard will save everybody time, money, and headaches. It’s important for everyone to be “singing from the same sheet of music”, and storyboards, or pre-visualization, as its sometimes called, is paramount for that purpose. Everyone will understand the vision of the production before the cameras begin to roll.

Storyboards are a perfect way to allow everyone in your organization to see the vision of the Video Director, and the flow-plan of the video. The Director will take measurements of the shooting location and map out where the lights, cameras, and other equipment will be placed, which is another huge time and cost saver.

Once the storyboard is complete and uploaded to the website, all stakeholders can view the project and make any necessary changes before approval. After final approval, the Director will shoot each scene based on the storyboard and the Editor will cut each scene to the storyboard. In the end, everyone knows the expectation and result.

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