Video Editing Software

What Video Editing Software Do You Use?

We recently switched from Apple’s Final Cut Pro to Autodesk Smoke. While Final Cut is a great program, it wasn’t really capable of doing everything we needed it to do for us. Autodesk Smoke is fairly new in the world of editing, but it’s strengths make it very much like a Final Cut, combined with After Effects and a few other swanky tools. This means we can do everything all in the same application. Paired with Autodesk Maya for 3D elements, we have a complete package which isn’t used by many other production companies, because of the technical requirements needed to navigate through the software.

The Autodesk platform is unmatched in quality for feature films and now-corporate videos. Not only can we motion track, insert 3D elements, key green screen or blue screen perfectly, but we can also perform sophisticated compositing, along with primary and secondary color corrections. This is something that cannot be done in less robust programs like Final Cut or Adobe Premiere.

For more information about our transition you can find more about it in our blog, starting with the very first post relating to Autodesk Smoke.

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