Cinema Style

What Does Cinema Style Mean?

This question gets asked a lot and you may get different answers from different people, but we define cinema style as:

  • Moving the camera enough to add to the message, not be distracted by the movement. We move the camera by dollies, camera cranes, steadi-cams, and quad-copters.
  • Using depth of field (DOF) properly. DOF is the blurring of the background, behind the subject. Some people believe the more DOF that you have, the better…not so. It’s important to understand when to blur the background and when to allow it to be part of the scene.
  • Camera angles are a huge part of why a movie looks like a movie. Again, we use angles to enhance the message, not distract from it. This also goes back to moving the camera.
  • Composition is a perfect way to invoke emotion, and know how to frame the shot to acquire the desired result is a big part of that cinematic look.
  • Lens selection also helps tell the story. Using long lenses (telephoto) helps to compress the perspective-swishing the foreground and background closer together. Using short lenses (wide angle/fish eye) helps to exaggerate perspective, making the foreground and background appear far apart.
  • Last, but probably one of the most important. We don’t handhold the camera unless there is no other way to get the shot…even then we would prefer to knock down a wall and put the camera on a dolly (just kidding).

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